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Hookup wire??

11/2/2000 10:59 PM
Fuzzhead Hookup wire??
Will using too heavy wire for hookup cause noise?
11/2/2000 11:51 PM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)

No. But you might wind up squeeeezing the box together and cause other problems by doing so.
11/3/2000 5:08 AM
if you're talking about an entire project rather than just the jacks and such... in building my first pedal this last month or so, i used 22 gauge stranded wire on perfboard. it was a freakin' nightmare. switched to 24 gauge solid toward the end, things went MUCH more smoothly from there on out.
11/3/2000 11:04 AM
paul perry

The general rule is, for a wire that is going to move a lot, use multistrand. If it isn't going to move, go single. (single tends to break thru fatigue if you flex it too many times). IF a ckt is marginal, flexible wires flopping around can cause feedback oscillation.  
Troubleshooting is easier with solid wire too, because it stays where you put it, instead of waving around. I color code some of my stuff (red for + power, blue for - power, black for earth, white for input etc). I'm not normally an obsessive guy but it helps me when I'm not familiar with the ckt. Some people here can doubtless remember every wire they ever soldered!

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