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Distortion Pedal on Marshall Power Amp!

10/24/2000 8:29 PM
Distortion Pedal on Marshall Power Amp!
Hello, guys  
I tried to put the DualMos direct on the input of my EL34 Marshall Power Amp, instead of pass the pedal to a pre-amp, but this don't work cool, as in one ordinary combo amp, that sounds great...  
What can I do to make this stomp boxes work like a pre-amp in front of one power-amp???  
So I tried to make one buffer output stage to the DualMos, with one 4558 opamp, to put they on Marshall, I hear that sounds """"whiiiiiiiwhoooooowhuaaaaaaaoooohooooooooowhiiiii""" like a modulation, oscilation or whatever  
(4558) pin 1 is out1, 2 in-, 3 in+, 4GND, 567 second opamp circuit and 8V+ "9vdc"  
I put one resistor from pin 3 to 4,5V bias...  
What is this sound???  
Thanks for your time!  

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