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10/6/2000 3:21 PM
The schematic is up. I hesitated in posting this, but I wouldn't have learned anything if not for others posting their schematics. So here it is, on the Obsidian page:  
After playing with distortion pedal circuits for the past few years, I believe this is the killer box. Have fun!
10/6/2000 3:30 PM

Thanks for your generosity Joe,  
I'm from Brazil and I practically, never can buy nothing from other country, cause of ship charges...  
10/6/2000 4:23 PM
Ed Rembold

It takes guts to post a schematic of something  
you're selling- But I'm not sure it's smart.  
I think you should "pull" the schem.  
Ed R.
10/6/2000 4:55 PM
Ambrose Chapel

I think we need a GPL or something, that would be a better solution... legal stuff sux tho =/
10/6/2000 5:00 PM

Thanks very much, Joe. I was curious. I understand your logic in wanting to share with this group, and appreciate the gesture, but I also agree with Ed about the sales risk. Perhaps you could pull the schematic and just share with those whom you know from this group (or whomever) who express an interest via email? I'm very impressed with the marketing page and with your enthusiasm! I'd be happy to put a link to your product from my web page (not that anyone visits it or anything!).  
10/6/2000 5:11 PM
ed guidry

Posting the schem is a ballsy move. Considering some pedalmakers are covering their circuits in gook to protect what are basically variations on decades-old circuits, this is uncommon.  
However, a schematic does not a pedal make. I think we are a small percentage of musicians/tinkerers who have gotten into this field. The average musician looking at this schematic is facing a steep learning curve in learning how to build and package a working circuit.  
Maybe the prudent thing to do would be to link the schematic on a separate page, which could be also linked to Aron's schematic page, so that potential consumers would not see this link. I personally would like to see Joe be successful, if only to inspire him to come up with more designs, and share more ideas.
10/6/2000 5:09 PM
The schematic will stay up.
It doesn't matter. Eventually someone would open one up, trace the wires, and post their own schematic. I'd rather someone use my correct drawing then someone else's.  
I can't afford the $1000/hr lawyers required to get the *phoney* design patents needed to protect such a simple circuit, if that's even possible:  
"Three-stage MOSFET preamplifier emulates the ringing overtones produced when tolex-covered particle board speaker cabinet vibrations rattle power tubes in their sockets..."  
Doubt it.  
So I've decided to post it and see what happens. It's an experiment. I think that people that can put the time and effort into building their own Obsidian deserve it anyway. They will probably spend more than $99 in the process, though. I sincerely hope that everyone who decides to build an Obsidian ends up with someting they are really happy with, and I'll do my best to help.

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