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Re: Hammond 1590B's for $2.49/each (elec. goldmine)

10/3/2000 10:52 AM
Doug H
Re: Hammond 1590B's for $2.49/each (elec. goldmine)
That's a really good price. However, beware that these can be a real pain in the neck to work with. I just finished using one for my ElectaBurner and I swore I would never do it again.;) The circuit uses a dual pot and there wasn't enough room for that and a standard sized DPDT switch (along with cramming in a 1" x 2" pcb, battery, and jacks). So I left off the bypass switch for this project. But I'm going to stay away from the 1590B in the future and just pay the extra few $$ for the 1590BB.  
If you can package stuff in real tight spaces, more power to you. It's a nice box.  

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