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Re: Help on pinout of old RCA 2N109

1/18/2001 10:29 PM
Dean Hazelwanter
Re: Help on pinout of old RCA 2N109
I've got a fairly comprehensive book at home. I'll try to take a look tonight.
1/18/2001 10:12 PM
Re: Boss CE-1.....................True Bypass?
After looking at the schematic quickly, I'd say they are different. The later pedals use transistros or FETs for the buffers at the input and output. In the CE-1, it's only got an input buffer, and that's done with an opamp. Although this pedal is a stereo output, so I might have missed the output buffer.  
The switching seems to be similar to whats used in the other pedals (as in FETs used)  
Just compare them to one of the many boss schematics that are available on the web, the DS-1, SD-1, HM-2, DS-2 etc  
Hope that helps  
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