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Chandler tube driver schematic

12/5/2000 7:18 PM
Tim Gagan
Chandler tube driver schematic
Anyone have a schematic for a Chandler tube driver they'd be willing to share?  
Tim Gagan  
The World's Only Double Doubleneck Lefthand Band
12/5/2000 8:42 PM

I'd also be interested in the differences between the pedal and the rack-mount (other than the addition of the Bias, Contour, Mid EQ, and Boost function). The pedal gets pretty good reviews but the rack-mount version gets mixed reviews. And I have an older 3-knob Tube Works Tube Driver that doesn't sound very good compared to a Chandler.  
Tim, I do know that they do not run on the high plate voltages that are typically seen with 12AX7's. But there are several OD's that do such as: Soldano Supercharger, H&K Tube Factor, Matchless Hotbox, and I think the Budda Phatman runs on high plate voltages as well. There are probably others (S.I.B.?). Not that HV=Good or LV=Bad but I thought I'd mention it.
12/7/2000 3:18 AM
Tim Gagan

The plate voltages look ridiculously low to me: less than 9 volts on the wall wart version and less than 12 on the AC cord version. But then again, I'm used to looking at amp schematics rather than effect schematics.
12/5/2000 11:42 PM

There's this schematic:  
Hope it helps...
12/6/2000 6:34 PM
Tim Gagan

Thanks for the link, Aron, but actually the one I'm working on has an AC cord rather than working off a wall wart. I don't know how applicable the wall wart schematic is, because the guy who owns the one I've got ahold of has 3 Chandler Tube Drivers, two with the AC cable, one with the wall wart. He says they are all different gain-wise, and the wall wart version is especially different than the other two--way hotter. He's opened them all up, too, and he says they're all layed out differently.
12/6/2000 2:46 AM

I have the Chandler schem at home. Email me and I will send you a copy. It is definitely differnt than the tube works version.  
Now does anyone have the rackmount version schem????  
12/6/2000 3:33 AM
Philospher of Absolute Reality

I thought the Tubeworks 911 pedal was an exact copy. Has anyone compared the two?  
I'm a big EJ fan, and he uses the original alot, so I was considering getting the Tubeworks 911.
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