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70's Colorsound Wah Power Help

11/21/2000 5:14 PM
70's Colorsound Wah Power Help
I have a 70's Colorsound Wah I bought new back then, and I need to know how to add an AC adapter plug to it so I can mount it in my pedalboard and forget about changing batteries. This is one awsome sounding pedal and I want to do this right ... all you guru's out there ... help!  
Thank You In advance!  
11/21/2000 6:29 PM

Do you really want to mod this pedal? I don't know what it's value is but if you alter it it will go down in value. Instead of adding a plug to it you could use a 9V battery clip attached to a PS to temporarily supply power without modding the pedal.  
Be sure to reverse the polarity on your external battery other words the positive lead of the pwr supply connects to the BLACK lead of the battery Clip, the negative to the RED. This will mimic the connections on a 9v Battery. If you are not sure how this is done have some one with some electronics experience help you. I belive there are universal DC adapters with a 9v clip already wired on(Radio Shack??maybe)that you could use.
11/21/2000 9:15 PM

Taking this a bit farther, can one fashion something like this from a typical production power supply (such as the ADA or Voodoo Labs)? (Power cable going to a battery clip, which connects to the internal battery clip for the effect.)  
How easy/practical would this be?
11/21/2000 10:09 PM

I ended up doing something like that for my better pedals (the ones I didnt want to drill a hole through)On my Prescription Electronics Experience,I found that the rivets that held on the internal battery clip could be pounded out,and the flange still held the clip..I took a couple of new RAT SHACK heavy duty battery clips and clipped one to the inside clip;ran the wires out of the holes that held the rivets;connected another battery clip to those wires(minding polarities,of course)and connected that battery clip to the nine volt style clip on my RAT SHACK multi clip adaptor(which I found has a polarity reversing feature)and it works great.On my Vox 847 wah,I bent the bottom plate a little at the back,and I did the same thing,only creating enough of an opening between the plate and the casting to get the wires through.I would imagine that if all you had was one good 1 amp supply,you could rig up about 3 or 4 pedals to it,if you pay attention to polarities,and dont have any ground loop problems.Just have a friend with an oscilloscope check the supply under load for ripple,and if its clean,it should work good!I built my own multi-output supply after looking at the GEOFEX site,and Ill have to admit,that was the best improvement to my setup Ive made in a long time.I no longer use wall warts (adaptors)in my rig,I would check out GEOFEX when you want to build anything.They and Arons sites are the best when it comes to homebrew!Good Luck to you!
11/22/2000 4:21 AM

Thanks to all! I am not worried about drilling holes into this pedal. I did many years ago and never did the mod I was going to do. It has also gone through many pots because the early ones use to go south when used a lot. It currently has a Dunlop Hotpots brand pot in it and is amazingly quiet! From a collectors standpoint it's "boogered". (I'm sure the collectors are gonna puke after reading this) But to a tone freak, it is definitely a F#@&!n' holy grail! It will sing like you can't believe with the right setup! I actually haven't used it for about 12 years. I just remembered I had it and pulled it out of the closet and tried it for kicks. It sounds "EXELLENTE!" (I had forgotten how good the original colorsounds were! ... I did play in a funk band in the early '70's, so it was a 'must have' effect back then!)  
Since I'm going to mount it on my pedalboard, I may be able to connect it with jpl's idea. But I certainly appreciate any & all ideas that I may use.  
Keep 'em commin'!  
P.S. Sorry for the long post, just thought you might like to know ...
11/22/2000 1:35 PM

If you know which adapter you'll be using find the matching jack at RS or somewhere similar. Observing the proper polarity (red+, black-)attach the red and black leads from the battery clip to the jack. You will need some soldering skills and you may have to replace the red and black wires leading to the circuit board if they aren't long enough to reach the jack. Be aware that Wa pedals in general are more sensitive to PS ripple(HUM)than other effects. You may have to try several adapters to reduce the hum to an acceptable level. If you can't get good results from a wallwart you may have to buy/build a well regulated supply...
11/22/2000 8:56 PM
Jack Collins

You could also rig a switching jack  
that cuts the connection from the  
battery to the circuit when you plug  
in the power adaptor. You can get 1/8  
inch switching jacks at radio shack.  
This way you can leave the battery hooked  
up and it won't die on you.
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