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18 volt wall wart

11/3/2000 4:41 AM
jack morer
18 volt wall wart
i need an 18 volt ac adapter for my old ibanez cs505 chorus pedal-preferably with a mini phone jack end. does anyone have any ideas other than using 2x9 volt adapters hooked to the battery terminals?  
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11/3/2000 9:11 AM

Buy the adaptor for the Danelectro Cool Cat chorus and change the plug on the end.
11/4/2000 12:56 PM
paul perry

I dont want to add any confusion here, but when you say "an 18 volt ac adapter" do you mean a plugpack giving 18V DC, or one giving 18V AC??  
(I know confusion arises over this sometimes, as my Frostwave products require an 18V AC (not DC) plugpack. Which you can get from Jameco.
11/4/2000 1:41 PM
CJ Landry

Good point Paul. It will be a wall wart that converts AC to 18vdc output. Jack sent me his CS505 for repair and I got it going for him. He had asked if I knew of a wall wart to use in place of batteries and I did not know of one that will work without causing unwanted hum. I recommended he post his question here for advice which it looks like he got from Sweetfinger.  
Now, the next question should be, what is the polarity for the 1/8" plug on the wall wart. I cannot remember if Ibanez kept the tip negative philosophy back then or not????  
11/4/2000 5:24 PM
jack morer

i was thinking the same thing cj. unfortunately, the bottom rubber piece with any of that info that may (or may not) have been there is long gone. does anyone know the answer to that??
11/5/2000 12:52 AM

The plate on the bottom of my CS505 only says:AC ADAPTOR AC-118 (DC18v)I dont remember if the tip was positive or not though,but the metal sleeve of the power jack is touching the metal ground of the enclosure so it must be tip positive.Anyone?I may go downstairs and beep this puppy out.
11/5/2000 1:29 PM
jack morer

well, if beeping that puppy will help get me an answer than i'm all for it. any further analysis and/or info would be appreciated.

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