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New (old) products of interest

10/30/2000 3:04 PM
Mark Hammer
New (old) products of interest
The December issue of Vintage Guitar has a couple of new products advertised that will be of interest to folks here.  
1) Danelectro has added a half-dozen new products to their mini-pedal line, and one of them - the "French Toast" - purports to be a "faithful re-issue of the Foxx Tone Machine". With a list price of $49, and a street price much lower, DIY-ers can turn their attention away from making their own.  
2) Reverend Music, makers of Reverend guitars, are marketing something called the "Drivetrain" Overdrive, which they are pushing as an improved TS-808. It includes a JRC4558, and has separate bass and treble controls.  
3) Foxrox Electronics is producing an analog multi-FX floorbox called the Captain Coconut, which contains replicas of a Tychobrahe Octavia, a Univibe, and a Fuzz-Face. The Univibe is full-featured (i.e., footpedal input), and the Fuzzface is a 3-knobber. The unit has separate input/output jacks for all effects (i.e., no fixed order) and uses relays for true bypass. Analog Mike is carrying them.
10/30/2000 6:09 PM
Frank Clarke has very good sound samples and pictures.  
$399 for this wiring job:  
sounds reasonable to me. HendrixInABox already.  
A little subversive, but it is nice to have a professional version of something occasionally.  
Danelecto stocking stuffers...  
Thanks for the pointers Mark.
10/30/2000 6:19 PM
Frank Clarke
Tremface schematic here
Is this new? Somebody was looking for it a while ago.
10/30/2000 6:30 PM

You found it!  
So many people wanted this....
10/30/2000 6:56 PM
Frank Clarke

The Fox Rocks! If I had the money to spare, I'd be sorely tempted to get the captain coconut. Or maybe the Line 6 modeller or..  
The Captain Coconut nails the Phil Manzanera "Diamond Head" tone. Thus:  
I know nobody else cares, but I listened to the Diamond Head tape, and went out and bought my first guitar. Sticking plasters on my fingers for a month, then I took a hacksaw to the nut. I blame Brian Eno for most things nowadays.
10/30/2000 10:42 PM

Thanks Frank!! I've been looking for this for awhile. I even thought to buy myself one just to schematic it out (my wife and budget told me not to.). I wish the handwriting was neater because I can't read some of the values and the bottom of the picture was chopped off. Oh well, can't complain, at least it's somewhat availible now!!  
Where is the KG/30A FET located in the circuit? And what are the other unlabeled diodes? Are they also 1N4001s? In the pictures online it looks as though there are 4 BC180Cs I only see two (unless the picture's xsistors look like diodes)(my thick glasses account for my poor vision). Inquiry minds want to know.  
Nice job again Frank, Kudos (granola bars) to you!!  
10/31/2000 1:28 AM
Frank Clarke  
The pcb has most of the caps removed.  
Two black transistors, +ve ground. If there is an FET, it would be the one attached to the preset. The diode across the preset just looks black. The other 2 diodes may be offboard, or in the bottom right.  
The "modification" seems to be a (sensible) cap replacement job.  
I'm surprised that it works at all, maybe it's sensitive to the semiconductors used.  
Granola bars to the Foxrox guys.  

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