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Re: Clean/Warm Boost

10/26/2000 3:10 PM
Doug H
Re: Clean/Warm Boost
"I'm assuming you mean just the opamp gain stage as in the Shaka IV. "
Exactly! Right now on my breadboard I have something loosely resembling a Rat opamp stage. I'm running it at 18V and it is killer! This is the best medium to high gain tone I've heard so far. Does all the typical hi-gain stuff plus the highs are real detailed, no mud. Makes it very responsive and expressive, feels like the guitar is playing itself. And this is with a TL072. I have some LM308's on order so it will be interesting to hear how they sound.  
I'm also fooling with one that does a real decent fender tone, has sort of an SRV vibe. When I'm finished, I'll put them up on my site with sound samples and the whole bit.  
10/26/2000 3:24 PM
Ian Anderson

Speaking of compression and 18V power supplies...  
Has anyone ever built/modded an MXR Dynacomp to use 18V? (two PP3's)...  
Would this give it more headroom and a puchier sound as it does tend to soften things up a little 'too' much at times.  
... Ian
10/26/2000 3:39 PM

The CA3080 inside the Dynacomp can only handle about 10mV on its input before distorting, so I don't think you can improve the headroom by using a supply of more than 9V.  
The LM13600 can handle a little more on the input before distortion, but still very limited.

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