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Dual Mos 4.0 - Help -

10/5/2000 2:49 AM
Kleber A. G.
Dual Mos 4.0 - Help -
I have some other electronic experiences, but this is my first pedal, the "Dual Mos v4.0" from Joe D. site.  
This is all finished, the only thing, it's out of the enclosure. The PCB (I draw)is probably OK, since I already checked this some times, the components are all from the same schematic values.  
Well the tone sound is cool, really cool, but I think that the drive isn't enought for what this is designed for, seems like one cool super-overdrive, and ah, the main problem is that the output is so much low. I compared with one Shred Master and my Dual Mos seems to be like only... 1/4 the Shred Master output, (only to explain what's happening).  
Ah, from that two 10K resistors I checked the 4,5V dc, OK, but from those two fets "D" pinouts I get like a 8,xxVolts, instead of the 4,5V like the schem...  
Any ideas, like, if one fet was dead, or the op-amp, I still hear some sound???  
Please help-me...  
Thanks in advance!  

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