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ACDSee 3.1... Great program!

10/8/2000 9:21 AM
Steve A.
ACDSee 3.1... Great program!
    I've been using ACDSee(32) several years now for viewing and printing out schematics and didn't realise that they had come out with a new version... While Version 2.4x had included some basic tools for resampling JPG files at different compression parameters, the latest version has a full toolbox for the global processing and editing of graphics files. In fact they have added in all of the features from the discontinued Image Commander program from JASC... (Practically all of the GIF and JPG files on my site have been processed with JASC ICó indispensible for resizing and cropping images.)  
    Version 3.1 will also act as a front end for your TWAIN-compliant scanner, which saves me a lot of time because I would always view my scans in ACDSee 2.4 anyway so that I could see how they turned out! ACD Systems has evidently licenced the GIF technology so I can scan directly to a GIF file (which wasn't possible with the software that came with the scanner).  
    Anybody who has met me knows that I am a cheap S.O.B. so for me to register a shareware program for $49.95 says a lot about the quality of the program! And they now offer a "sponsored" option for people who choose not to register the programó across the bottom of the ACDSee window is a frame which displays banner ads. I guess you'd have to go to their site every month for an automatic download of new ads to be displayed in exchange for getting to use the program absolutely free. Great idea for getting a few bucks from the advertisers for people who never buy shareware programs...  
    Here is a link to their site:  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. One handy feature in both version 2.4 and 3.1 is the selectable gamma values for viewing and printing files... if the JPG artifacts are very noticeable a gamma value of ~1.2 will clean up your printouts considerably. Or if a greyscale file looks faded out you can set the gamma value to 0.70 to make it look sharper. Version 3.1 has a one-click plug-in that will automatically adjust the levels for a particular image, as well as individual sliders to set whitepoint, blackpoint, brightness, contrast and gamma values.
10/8/2000 10:54 AM
Carl Z

Another program worth looking into is a little CAD program called DeltaCad. Slicker than cat s**t on a linoleum floor! :D  
Even though it's not a 3-D cad program, it's near perfect for laying out and dimensioning enclosures, chassis, and faceplates. You could probably use it for making PCB transfers though I haven't tried it.  
It's a tiny little thing in comparison to the other cad programs and it's a lot easier to use. It also saves in DXF format which is great if you want to use the files with other cad software.  
Carl Z
10/8/2000 6:15 PM
Steve A.

    I'll have to check out DeltaCad... I've sort of outgrown TurboCAD 3.05 and the new versions don't really offer me enough incentive to upgrade. TC 3.05 is very buggy, but you can learn to work around the bugs... Clicking on "Print" from the File menu can cause it to crash; select "Print Setup" first and then click on the Print button on that page... And if you drag around an object too fast on a drawing that hasn't been saved recently it will crash everytime! (Almost like it is punishing you for not saving your work every few minutes... there is an auto-save feature but I rarely find the backups that I REALLY need.   :(   )  
    BTW in case I didn't make it clear enough ACDSee is a graphics UTILITY program that can be used to view, print, manage, or globally edit existing drawings; there is no toolbox to create new drawings. But if you have a collection of downloaded and scanned schematics it is one heck of a tool that keeps getting better with each release.  
Steve Ahola  
Slicker than cat s**t on a linoleum floor!  
    Hmmm... by the time I find out where the smell is coming from it is very hard and dried up; your cat does his business right in the middle of the kitchen floor?   ;)   My parents' dog Bruno was kept in the backyard during the day and he would roll his turds into a corner with his nose... I guess he didn't like how they smelled right next to where he'd lie down to take a nap while waiting to terrorize the UPS guy (he hated that truck!) Bruno would walk around with this expression like he was smelling something bad and couldn't figure out where it was coming from...   :o  
10/9/2000 3:21 AM
Carl Z

It's a neat little program that never EVER crashes. At least on this system. The very first one was so small it actually would fit on a single floppy disk. The new one has been juiced up a little and now it's something like 3 meg. Whopping huge huh?!  
The program is virtually bug free. If there are any I sure haven't found them. The only real niggle that I'd like to see is a right click option for a pop-up menu.  
The print options are great! You can print the drawings real size or scale them to fit just about any format. You can also import and export in a couple of different graphics formats.  
The only thing that is a little tricky to get used to is that when you move objects you can't drag and drop. You need to cut and past by defining insertion points. Everything works off of offsets so it's not as hard as it sounds.  
Oh, one other thing that's real handy is that you can bookmark up to 5 layers. Really great for working with more complex drawings. One mouse click and you're right there.  
Overall, there are a few quirks, not bugs, to the program but it's stupid simple compared to autocad. You should be able to figure almost the whole thing out in a few hours...tops. The finer points may take you a day or so.  
Carl Z  
your cat does his business right in the middle of the kitchen floor?  
Nah, actually he just yacks up hairballs right in the middle of the kitchen floor. I always seem to find them in the middle of the night in my bare feet! :(
10/9/2000 5:29 AM
John Fisher

I have used the Turbo Cad 2D v6 demo without any of the problems you mentioned. Great program!  
"Slicker than goose s++t on a tin horn." The only thing that bugs me is how you have to do that workaround thing that you described to convert it to a JPEG or what ever which works ok but is a bit of a hastle to live with.  
I have been using ACDC all these years to view my nude photos and never realized all the options you discribed. I'll have to try it out.  
I want to check out the Delta Cad program that Carl mentioned.  
John Fisher
10/9/2000 7:20 AM
Steve A.

    Actually it is when the Adobe PDFWriter is selected as the printer that File|Print will crash the program (which dates back to 1996). As much as I gripe about it, it is still what I use for all of my drawings...   ;)   I'm sure that they fixed the bugs I mentioned in the subsequent versions but I'm not crazy about the new "web-enabled" interface. I believe that they are up to Version 7 and I also think that the retail versions include BMP or GIF output...  
    I guess that IMSI finally gave up on me because they did not mail me the upgrade brochure for the latest version.   :(    
Steve Ahola  
P.S. You can do the free trial of ACDSee 3.1 for 90 days and then switch over to the "sponsored version". BTW the registered version is a different download from the shareware version; I've noticed that with a few other shareware programs. (In other words you could type in pirated codes all day long and you would never "unlock" the shareware version!)
10/9/2000 5:17 PM
Ken Gilbert

"I have been using ACDC all these years to view my nude photos..."
john, i had no idea you were a model! is there a web site where i might see your work?  
ken "tongue-in-cheek" gilbert
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