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Digital Modeling amps SUCK!

10/3/2000 2:02 PM
Digital Modeling amps SUCK!
Hey what is with these people getting suckered into these digital modeling amps? they suck! Tubes = Tone PERIOD. Tubes = 3 Dimensional, fat, breathing, and organic ballsy tone. TUBES BABY YEA!.... GOT TONE?
10/3/2000 2:08 PM
There can be no disagreement about matters of taste.
10/3/2000 4:58 PM
Matthew Springer

With all due respect RG (and I'm not trying to start a long thread),  
Of course there can be disagreements about taste!  
There are entire sections of our culture dedicated to having such disagreements. Now whether or not these discussions are pointless is another topic of hot debate....  
10/3/2000 5:14 PM
No, no, no, no! We are a diverse group around here but there is one thing we agree on: tube amps are from God. SS is something for other applications, like personal computers. There can be no dissent on this. It's a level of diversity that cannot be tolerated. Otherwise, whoever the heretic is must seek another forum for his heresy.  
These are the facts, and they are indisputable. Understand?  
Steve Slick
10/4/2000 3:43 AM

Well, I own a tube amp, love it. But SS amps have their place as well as modelling amps. What about the guy that has to go out and play 50 different styles of music every gig?  
While I tried out a line 6 and could never get a decent sound out of one, I'm sure they're a very good amp. Lots of buttons and tweaks, more complicated than I needed at the time though.  
10/3/2000 6:34 PM
nic Delivery or Digiorno?
I got both! Guess what. The Deluxe Reverb setting on my POD sounds VERY close to my REALDR only straight into my headphones!!! How can that be beat if you have small children or neighbors? I got tone... I have got TONES!!  
It can be argued that Mesa's don't breath... They sound pretty lifeless to me.  
10/3/2000 10:03 PM
Peter S

"It can be argued that Mesa's don't breath... They sound pretty lifeless to me."  
I sure agree with that!!!! Why not just get a pod and a solid state amp to play it through. ;)  

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