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Eric Johnson

10/2/2000 11:38 PM
Eric Johnson
Just wanted to post ,i listened to some clips of the New album that is coming out OCT 24, Some really great tunes,and great sounding guitar amps. The clips are on an EJ page. Older type blueser rock sounding songs with his fantastic tone everywhere.  
10/4/2000 3:56 AM

Should we listen to it with out without rubber bands attached to our ears?  
Sorry couldn't resist  
10/4/2000 8:41 PM

Listen to it any way you want it still sounds great! Heres the link.  
10/5/2000 4:38 PM

I've seen him live and it was the best guitar sound at a live show I've ever heard. And his cover of "The Wind Cries Mary" gave me goose bumps it was so good. That guy is from another planet.
10/5/2000 5:33 PM
Eric Johnson * wich album to buy 1st
Hi !  
can anyone suggest a good album of E.J. ?  
10/5/2000 6:52 PM
Matthew Springer

They're all good except possibly Seven Worlds, which is half good and half so-so.  
I'd start with Ah, Via Musicom or Venus Isle.  
VI is fairly well balanced between his aggressive side and his more melodic side and the lyrics aren't quite as silly as AVM. The VI_Reprise is my favorite EJ track.  
AVM has some cooler tracks to start with and has a little more "grit".  
Tones is also killer, but is less polished than his later stuff. I do like Trail_of_Tears of this album, though.  
All three albums are well worth owning. The production is stellar and the composition and arranging is superior.
10/6/2000 7:00 AM
Preben Hansen

Hi. I started out with the G3 CD, Satriani Johnson and Vai. I bought i mostly for the Satriani tracks.  
It's a live CD, and sounds fine. I then found interrest in Johnson, and bought Venus Isle. I my opinion a very fine album. It shows many sides of the different styles Johnson can play. I really like the sound of his guitars.  
I look forward to his new album beeing available here i Denmark later this month.  
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