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Re: Speakers, Cabs?

10/1/2000 5:28 PM
Re: Speakers, Cabs?
I've got a YBA 1A Bass Master Mark II.  
Serial # M497, round corners, SS rectifier.  
I'm using a closed back Fender big former 2X12 cabinet modified to handle 4X12. Lots of batting, no porting, birch ply baffle. Eminence square magnet speakers (purchased from a guy who pulled them out of an original Traynor 4 X 12 cabinet, wouldn't let go of the cabinet for anything).  
Really good match, better than EV12L's, JBL's, Altecs, or other Eminence I've tried.....  
Question....has anyone found a major difference in output level for a given amount of volume pot rotation between channels 1 and 2? Haven't pulled off the bright cap on #2 yet, and what's up with the 5Meg vol pots?  
10/1/2000 9:51 PM

Do you think that the Eminence square magnets were the original speakers? Do you know if they are still being made today?  
My amp - chrome bumper model 70's, has 500K pots for both volumes. I was going to change them out to 1meg to see what difference it would make. I heard of some Bassmaster having like (thought it was 4meg pots) - seems awfully big. Seems that would let a lot of signal into the next stage, maybe even too much. Can you crank it with those pots or does it squeal? The volume controls seem to work fine with their respective channels.  
If I were to remove the bypass cap on the treble channel's volume pot, then it would be identical to the bass channel. That's the only difference. What I've done is remove the .02 cap (speaking of guitar channel) and substituted a .002 down to a .001 (and tried everything from .02 down to 500pf with interesting results) and removed the 125uf 16 volt cathode bypass cap and went to a .47uf to a 2.2uf while adjusting the cathode resistor from like 1K on up to about 3.3K or so. Quite a variety of voicings there. What year is your amp? What output tubes?  
I need to try mine with a closed cab before going any further. And then I'd like to keep it stock if at all possible. Any changes I do or would make would be reversible. I save all the old parts in a baggie or manila envelope.  
Take care, T.B.
10/2/2000 1:03 AM
"I've got an empty Ampeg 4-12 cab that needs speakers so if you or anyone can recommend some that would sound nice with the YBA-1 then I would consider that. "
The type of speaker you'd like in your cabinet is a matter of taste. For a 4x12 maybe Vintage 30s would be cool (IMO). How would you know? Take your guitar and head to a local, well equipped guitar store and test out different cabs. Taking differences in cabinet construction aside, it might give you a good idea of what different speakers sound like.  
10/2/2000 4:34 AM

I think Vintage 30's sound great. They are loud though! I have a 2-12" "closed-back" cab that I play through and it's plenty for me.  
10/1/2000 7:50 PM
Re: Thanks Man!
Yeah, every one I've seen have the lugs missing.  
It's possible that when specing prices for the tube sockets, they were a few cents cheaper without the lugs installed and since they didn't have the screen or grid resitors on them like a Fender, it might have made sense.  
Wouldn't work with EL34 amps of course.  

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