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Thanks Gord!!

9/27/2000 4:59 PM
Thanks Gord!!
Just wanted to post Thanks to Gord, he sent me a Traynor YBA-1. Which he went out of his way to find. It is a really great amp. with about 45 mins work, and adding a few things to what i like, Everything i did , i made sure could be put back to original. I added a choke, changed the driver circut, slope resistor, and plate caps like originals used in the amp.Cathode Bypass caps to mallory.  
Added a bias pot,and changed the bias splitter resistors,changed grid resistors, dressed up some lead wires, and some NOS big bottle sylvania 6CA7s.. and some Amperex preamp tubes. Voltages around 450 on the output tubes. 180 on the preamp. It sounds great!!!  
9/28/2000 2:42 AM
I'm flattered. Thanks for the kind words!  
If anyone else is interested in this type of thing, I will post any new finds here on Ampage, once in a while, at Toronto prices.  
BTW, Richie, I measured about 430V on the plates of the power tubes. Maybe my wall voltage here was low when I measured it.  
Did adding a choke make a noticeably audible difference?
9/28/2000 4:21 AM
Re: Traynor Model Differences; Gord?
Gord, Didn't you say you had an early YBA1 with a 5AR4 rectifier? How does it compare in tone to the later SS rectifiers (the ones that still had a choke)? Which do you prefer?  
9/28/2000 7:23 AM

Gord: To be honest, when i got it, i didn't even play it. I took the top off to look,And i knew what i wanted it to have,so thats what i changed or added.I like the SS recto better in my amps. I'm not a fan of the sag sound.But if I did use a tube recto, it would be the 5AR4/GZ34 its closest to a ss recto.The differences in the voltages could be the wall voltage of where i live,but the different tubes in it now and me changing things to get the voltages i wanted to see.450 plate on the output, 448 on the screen grids, and 180 on the preamp plates. I like a little lower on the preamp but its not much different. As for rocks!!  
Its got a fine home now and will be well taken care of.The screen grids were a bit different,it had 2 470 10 watt, to drop the voltage in series, wired to both tubes.I used 1k 5 watt for each tube.  
the sylvanias have a nice smooth sound when the amp is cranked.And i went through some Amperex 7025s to get some good sounding ones for the amp.  
The phillips 6CA7 Great Britan tubes that were in it, were way off in matching, so i didn't use them.  
The driver is very well matched now, after a few changes.:)  
9/29/2000 4:07 AM

Here is the difference in the amps I own-  
I have one with a SS rectifier, serial number three thousand and something, the pots date 1968. It has a choke. It's a pretty early SS unit.  
I have three tube rectifier units.  
That's all I currently own, but I've been through nine of them in total.  
I've constantly compared the ones I've gone through.  
I've played and tested many dozens of these amps, both at friend's houses and in stores.  
The early SS models seem to sound pretty much the same as the 70's chrome bumper models. No better. So if you see a 70's Bassmaster, it sounds just as good as a late 60's unit, just not as good looking. Cranked, these amps can deliver. I think that all the regulars on Ampage should go out and get one, because they are relatively cheap and easy to find.  
And what about the tube rectifier units from the really early days? The obvious difference is the sag and envelope to the attack due to the 5AR4.  
The power transformer is much bigger.  
The less obvious difference is in the output transformer. It looks the same as the OT on the SS units, but sounds far superior. Bell-like, chimey, crystal clear, and just plain awesome, like a plexi-type Marshall. Next to the SS rectifier head, these are far more clear sounding.  
I'd bet that a 70's Bassmaster, with a better OT, like Mojo or OEI, would satisfy even the pickiest NMV tube amp guy, as long as you're OK with the diode rect. If you looked hard enough, you could probably do it for under 350 clams. Anyone ever try this?  
9/29/2000 3:18 PM

Thanks for the info Gord! I think Traynors are the last great "vintage" bargain out there! I've just purchased an early tube rectified version so I'm anxious to see how it sounds and if it compares to your descriptions.  
Have you modded any of yours to Bassman/Plexi specs? What output tubes do you run in your older one's; 7027's?  
9/30/2000 3:49 AM

Mine have been modded to Bassman specs, except:  
-the cathode resistor and bypass cap on the first tube are more to my tastes  
-the inputs have been separated  
-no cap across the bright channel volume pot  
I use Svetlana 6L6s in two of them and Svetlana EL34s in the other one. I like these tubes. I think I might try some good NOS 6CA7s in one of them soon. Those also sound great in these amps.  
Now here are my questions!  
-how old is it/what serial number is it?  
-what condition is it in?  
-what type of logo is on it?  
-where did you get it & for how much, (if you don't mind me askng)?  
-most importantly, how do you like it? (if you know of anyone with a SS rectifier model, a/b them and then you'll hear the difference in clarity)  
BTW, here's some advice. Don't ever sell it. I was recently offered $500US, as is , no questions asked, for my oldest one, serial number two hundred and something. Two years ago, I could have bought it for about $120CDN (~$80US). Once people realize exactly how good the tube rectifier models are, and maybe even if someone famous ever uses one, they will be worth a fortune.  

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