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can't get to AMPAGE!!??

9/19/2000 2:05 AM
bill m.
can't get to AMPAGE!!??
what's going on?

i can't seem to get to AMPAGE directly,through my old AOL 3.0 favorite places.

i CAN enter through the link at webervst--but ted says he feels there are so many url changes for AMPAGE (without his being informed), and he has to deal w/ so may inquiries, that he may abolish the link....

help!! bill
And now, a word from our sponsors:

9/19/2000 3:42 AM
Steve A.

    The following link seems to work just fine (although some of the other bookmarks I have saved result in an error message):  
    Seems like that link has been around forever...  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. It also seems like a direct link to the guitar amp forum works now:
9/19/2000 5:38 AM
bill m.

here's what i'm getting from

"Sorry. No Such Address.If you clicked on a link... You may have found one of the millions of links to Web sites that have gone out of business or moved without leaving a forwarding address. It's like having the former address of someone you've lost touch with. Unfortunately, this is very common on the Internet. There's no remedy for this.If you typed the address... 1.Make sure you type the address exactly as it was given to you. €Check the spelling. €Don't type any spaces. €Use slashes (/) instead of backslashes (). 2.Some other things to try. €Dots are periods. If the address you were given is A-O-L dot com , you need to type €The prefix http://www. is so hard to say, that most people just skip it. Maybe your address needs http://www. in front. For example, If the address you were given is A-O-L dot com, try Still no luck? The address you have is probably wrong. Or maybe it was right, but the website you're looking for may have gone out of business or moved. Unfortunately, this is very common."

bill :(

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