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Cap suppliers?

8/23/2000 9:21 PM
Craig D
Cap suppliers?
Hello all,  
Can anyone give me details on where I can find a reasonably priced source of axial polypropylene film caps?  
Craig D
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8/23/2000 10:12 PM
Re: Cap suppliers? here...Randall Aiken
Randall, when are the rest of the axial poly caps supposed to be in?  
I've used quite a few of these now in my amps and in repairs.  
They work great and sound great.  
If you don't like these, you can get Illinois brand polypropylene axial caps from Antique Electronics Supply in Tempe, AZ.  
8/23/2000 10:42 PM
Randall Aiken

I've got a new batch of the axial-leaded polypropylene film/foil units coming in somewhere between 9/19 and 10/04 - keep checking the webpage for updates (I've got to find a supplier with a shorter lead time!). The new kit has the following values:  
0.0022uF/630V, 0.0047uF/630V, 0.01uF/630V, 0.022uF/630V, 0.047uF, and 0.68uF/250V  
I dropped the 0.001uF/630V and 0.1uF/630V (too large!), and added the 0.68uF/250V for use in Marshall style cathode bypass positions. It is the same size as the 0.047uF/630V unit.  
Randall Aiken
8/24/2000 3:36 AM
Ouch! It IS the cap thingie!
Ok, I'm not a builder like you guys, but I hope you'll consider this. I had replaced all the couplers and tone caps in the mfd range to polypropylene Orange Drops then to polyester Orange ones in my personal SFVR and it still sounded like a SS amp without warmth or sustain.  
After trying all sorts of mods and mod removals then new mods then removals as well as tube changes to NOS and back to new stuff and all sorts of attempts to get the amp to simply sound good using all sorts of combinations of various components & tricks, the conclusion is go with the old style, old technology paper wound caps.  
It sounds great now. It has warmth. It's got long sustain. It has kick arse distortion now. Now I'm sure it was caps all along.  
Any of you know of a good source for paper wound caps? I read the Chinese are making paper wound ones, but all I see is they are distributed by Angela, but Angela asks way too much for these components and most things in general. So, I'm looking for another source.  
What do you guys know? Let the rest ot us know. Ok?  
8/24/2000 6:03 PM
Rick Erickson
Paper Caps
Interesting that the paper caps "did it" for you.  
Are you talking about the old wax caps found in the early Tweed amps? They tend to get leaky with age.  
The original caps in this amp would have been Mylar/Polyester types.  
I don't know of any good sources for paper caps besides Angela. Perhaps we could learn to roll our own. I've been looking for a good use for my old Rizla "cigarette" roller...  
8/24/2000 6:41 PM
Jim S.
Re: Ouch! It IS the cap thingie!
The original caps in Fender blackface and silverface amps are NOT paper dielectric caps!! They're polyester film and foil caps. Fender stopped using waxed paper caps when they ended their tweed series in 1960. The polyester orange drops available today (such as the 6PS series) are extremely close in construction to those blue tubular caps Fender put into their brown tolex, white tolex, and blackface amps.  
Personally, I still think that the tonal differences that various types of film caps make in vintage amps (assuming the caps used are of decent or better quality) are no more than subtle. I've listened to and owned many Fender amps over the years that have used all manner of replacement coupling caps (including the small metallized film ones), and as long as everything else was in good working order (tubes, speakers, electrolytics, etc.) those amps almost invariably sounded very very good.  
Obviously, your experiences are different from mine. Maybe your ears are more sensitive than mine. (But I consider myself to have a very good pair of ears myself!) Seriously, though -- putting orange drops in your Fender amp made it sound like a solid-state amp? Gimme a break!
8/25/2000 3:33 AM

"Seriously, though -- putting orange drops in your Fender amp made it sound like a solid-state amp? Gimme a break!"
HA ha ha... right on!!  
Comments like that crack me up too Ed.  
I know you know this stuff but are you sure there isn't something else that isn't right yet?  

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