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SciFi Book Hunt - P.J.Farmer

8/18/2000 1:06 AM
Don Symes
SciFi Book Hunt - P.J.Farmer
Desperately seeking _The Purple Book_ byt Philip Jose Farmer. At least the Rip-Van-Winkel story.  
Thanks - and apologies for the off-topic content.
8/20/2000 1:32 AM

Don, I take it you've already read "Venus on the Half Shell". And I'm sure you know Kilgore Trout is P.J. Farmer.  
I've read all the Vonnegut and Adams (42) but looking for more of the same kind of stuff by any author. Any suggestions?  
Email if you don't want to use up more off topic space here. Even though, thought that's what "open forum" meant.  
8/20/2000 2:26 AM
Steve A.

    I always thought that the name Kilgore Trout was an off-handed tribute to Theodore Sturgeon, but then I saw a toilet manufactured by Kilgore Industries so I have a hunch that it was a scatological reference...  
    Speaking of SciFi, you can't go wrong reading the classics by Heinlein- that guy sure knew how to write! Asimov's Foundation novels were actually some of the first sci-fi novels released in hardback. And they are starting to reissue the works of Ted Sturgeon. Philip K. Dick is great, too. Of course these are nothing like Vonnegut (whose writing skills seemed to go downhill as he got older since his early works were very well written).  
Steve Ahola
8/20/2000 3:02 AM
Eric H

"I always thought that the name Kilgore Trout was an off-handed tribute to Theodore Sturgeon,"
I thought so too, Steve.  
"Philip K. Dick is great, too."
More good taste, Mr. Ahola. I have pretty much everything he published. I sold over 2,500 SF novels after my divorce (no junk, either), but I kept the P.K. Dick, and a few others (Samuel Delany, Steven Donaldson, and some choice mags from the 30's to the 60's). Heinleins "Starman Jones" was my first SF --in 1964.  
8/24/2000 9:32 PM
Ian Pitcher

You have great taste in SciFi. I loved all of the Heinlein classics, and everything PKD wrote. Dick's bad stuff puts most people's great stuff to shame.  
Asimov's "The End of Eternity" was an interesting idea, if a bit lifeless. The first chapter of that book served as inspiration to name my band "Technician," amongst several other obscure reasons.  
I feel like more of a nerd than usual right now.  
Ian Pitcher, 0.33333333% of Technician |  
"Soon it will work everywhere!" - Konstantin Raudive, via. clock radio
8/21/2000 1:57 AM
Don Symes

I'm a big Adams (and Addams) fan, but just don't have that kind of stamina any more.  
Thought Mr. Trout was Kurt... at least the pictures look like him. Read "Space War Blues" which may have been Trout. Man that was a long time ago.  
Robert Anton Wilson is fun if you're a conspiracy-satirist.  
I also liked the War of Powers series by Vardeman and Milan. Published by Playboy... a bit raunchy without actually being tasteless.  
I have reasons for needing to reread "The Long Dark Wet Dream of Rip Van Winkle" contained in the Purple Book - along with classics like "Riders of the Purple Wage" and "The Spiders of the Purple Mage".  
Was pointed toward, but don't really want to pay $4 to ship a $4 book.
8/24/2000 1:59 PM
Tom L

"Was pointed toward, but don't really  
want to pay $4 to ship a $4 book."
Try You might find a bookseller near  
you that has it.  
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