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Re: Turntables info (long)

7/13/2000 5:30 AM
JM Re: Turntables info (long)
The VPI cleaning machine works best because it spins the record like a turntable (but slower and with much more torque) I use the VPI brush which you can buy from You could certainly get a cheaper one but I don't think it's worth risking it, mine has lasted for years. The VPI has a vaccum cleaner motor that sucks up the cleaning fluid off the record through a plastic tube that has a piece of velvet material on each side of a slot that runs the length of it. A company called Nitty Gritty also makes several machines but they don't work as well or easily as the VPI. Without a machine the procedure would be difficult to say the least, and you would not have the benifit of the vaccum which sucks the crap out of the grooves (not only dirt but the remains of record manufacture process, yes even new unplayed records have crap in the grooves!) and dries the record. Some people without machines I have heard let the records air dry (like in a dish strainer) paper towel if its soft and doesn't leave lint and pieces behind might work. With a proper brush you can scrub pretty hard in the direction of the grooves as long as the record is wet. Don't forget to clean the record needle as well, a company called "Last" makes stylus cleaner which comes with a small stylus brush. Don't tell me you use your finger to wipe the dust off the needle! (just kidding... I used to) I was shocked at the sound the first time I cleaned my needle and I didn't have a great table or cartridge then. The cleaning machine a good turntable and a nice cartridge cost me as much as about 75 new CD's but I have 3000 records that I mostly payed between $1.00 and $.05 for. You do the math, it works for me.
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