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6/16/2000 5:12 PM
Ok, not amp related, but classic audio :  
Just picked up a Technics SL-B500 turntable for next to nothing. ($5 off ebay+shipping, plus i got a $5 referral bonus, so basically, i got it for free). Can anyone tell me ANYTHING about these units? what type of cartrige do they take (std or p-mount)? how accurate is the strobe for adjusting the pitch to dead on? reliability? @ what they normally go for... anything actually  
secondly, can anyone recommend a decent cartrige I should go with, since this unit is coming w/o a cartrige. I'm just getting back into my vinyl collection, so dont be recommending high end stuff.. I want better than the $10 Astatic but not a $2000 either. I heard Grado stuff is pretty good? what series?
6/17/2000 10:04 PM
Tim C.

Hi Rebel,  
I am not familiar with that model number of Technics table but most of them if it is a seventies model used the standard mount cartridge. They were highly revered back then. Technics tables were used and still are by a lot of DJ'S because they were very stable and reliable.  
Technics also made a lot of cheaper turntables in the eighties and early ninties so it is hard to tell what you have for sure.  
Your table will be a belt drive unit since it has a "B" designator in the model number.  
Here are the prices of new Technics tables:  
SL-1200 $699.00  
SL-BD20 $210.00  
In regard to cartridges; Grado would be a good choice although I like ORTOFON cartridges. They are very smooth in their response. An Ortofon OM-20 would run you around $175.00. The OM-10 about $80.00.  
You really can't go too far wrong with a decent Shure cartridge either.  
Have you got a nice tube stereo amp to run it through? :)  
Enjoy your new table!  
Tim C.
6/28/2000 5:20 PM

Wow. Thanx for the quick turnaround! Just got he table last nite, it soes indeed use a p-mount cartrige, and has the funky tracking force adjustment (need to use a phillips screwdriver to adjust it. Still would like a manual and or schematics for it if I can find them, but if not, it's not like there is much to using one *laugh*. I have a pretty decent collection of classic stuff on vinly, and of course, i'm always buying it.... My area sucks for buying electronic components such as resistors caps, tubes etc, BUT I've picked up milk crates ful of records for $5 a piece... of course, out of the hundred in th crate, ionly find 4 or 5 that are in good shape or evne playable or desireable, but hey, they are everywhere. Know where I can find a decent trackng force guage cheap (read FREE *laugh*), since there is no dial to evne rough in the force. I'm probably getting a $20 AT cartrige frm Best Buy for now (just moved, so paying for 2 places for a month + buying furniture + refrigerator +washer and dryer +lawnmower etc kinda has me tight on funds) -- figuring it will at least get me to be able to LISTEN to my old vinyl, then upgrade later w/o feeling guilty on spending too much *laugh*.  
No tube stero amp YET, but i'm constantly being offered monoblocks for almost nothing, if not free, so get a matchin pair and there i go... ir the old DIY method ;)
6/17/2000 11:59 PM

Go to your local Guitar Center and there they have the stanton cartridges. I got a Stanton 500-II model for $45.00 with the diamond Needle, Cartridge and shell. I've owned Audio technicas and shure models but the stanton has a rich full sound for vinyl. I've kept my record collection since the early 70s and I still love the sound of vinyl. Most of my vinyl collection is from the 70s rock era. Also if you look around your area you might find record conventions going on some time or at least a place called (Half priced books and records). I go to the Austin, Tx record convention and find all kinds of good albums in excellent shape for any where between $1.00 to $10.00 The last Time I went to the convention one of the albums I picked up Jimi Hendrix (Cry of love) from around 1970  
for $4.00 and it is original and looks like its never been played.I also got ( Electric Ladyland) By Hendrix in perfect shape for $5.00. It seems that our generation has discarded the vinyl to CD and there are great albums out there just waiting for good homes from music lovers of all music styles.  
Good luck and Cheers.  
6/18/2000 12:03 AM
oops wrong thread. This was for Rebel 420
I meant the record thing to rebels thread, Sorry...
6/29/2000 1:47 PM

Speaking of LP's, I just picked up and old SAE Impulse Noise Reduction unit at the ARC for $5.00.  
Dug the turntable out of the closet, connected everything up, and played around. (I just saw one of these things go for over $200 on Ebay). At medium sensitivity, it does a nice job of removing the louder pops and clicks on the vinyl. SO..I connected everything through the mixer, then into the computer, to record to CoolEdit. I left the sensitivity all the way down at the beginning of recording, to capture a nice full, noisy FFT file. Then when the music started, I turned it about halfway. It took out the worst offenders, then using the Noise Reduction program in CoolEdit, I took out most of what was left. With some EQ before the computer, and all the noise removal stuff, and some slight tweaking...I got some pretty decent cleaned up recordings to burn to a CD. Still a few "ticks" in there, probably because it can't tell the difference between a hi-hat and a tiny little "tick"....but WAY better than nothing. I could probably get anal about it, and hand-edit every tick out....but, naw.  
6/29/2000 5:48 PM
Re: Albums, the lost technology
Man theres nothin like the sound of vinyl ;)  
My record collection keeps growing every year. I  
I find albums at the goodwill, Half priced books and records and record conventions. and all are so cheap  
in price. America has thrown out its records and  
its a shame cause there are lots great recordings  
that just waisted:( Lets all dig those turntables  
out and listen to those ol records. It will bring back those good memories of yesterday when things where simple in life:)  
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