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Re: What made me post...(long and winding)

6/10/2000 5:54 AM
John Fisher
Re: What made me post...(long and winding)
That's interesting what you said about the guitar building.  
I sometimes build guitars. I built one that I spent a lot of money on and it sounded ok. I later made another one that cost me a fraction of the money to make and I am almost ashamed to tell you about the materials I used or the conditions I made it in but for some reason the combination of elements was right and it is the best sounding and playing acoustic guitar I've ever owned.  
See my link:  
John Fisher
6/10/2000 1:37 PM

"If all we are dealing with here were psychoacoustics, how could there be consistency?"
I wasn't directing that at you my friend! (ha, ha) I come from a back ground being a recording engineer. There are a great many things that I've seen in the studio that makes you scratch your head! (ha, ha)  
I've tried to explain to (often times pro players) that they are "pushing" the beat or playing ahead of the rest of the band. many of these players have been playing for well over 20 years are great players but they cannot hear that they are rushing their part.  
We're talking about a matter of only a few millaseconds but there's a ton of guys who have tried really hard to hear the differences but can't for whatever reasons. It's not that they are not trying to hear the difference it's just that for what ever reason they can't hear the difference.  
Some guys have perfect pitch and some people say you can actually learn how to have perfect pitch. I've never personally met anyone who learned perfect pitch, it's not to say it doesn't happen...I've just never seen it personally.  
Some guys don't hear a difference when they move their mid pot around. It's odd I know but I've seen a few guys that were like that.  
Some people are born with great tempo and some are not. Drummers can learn to play to a click track to help them out and many improve greatly but there are people who just weren't "born to play" as the saying goes.  
I'm not saying it's right or wrong because it's not for me to judge. I'm just saying that some things can be learned up to a certain degree. I've seen players stive to hear things that their buddies can hear but for what ever reasons they just don't hear it. I guess it's what makes us all unique in a way! (ha, ha)  
6/10/2000 7:47 PM
Stephen Conner

"you will never be able to buy standard $400 stereo speakers at your local Circuit City again"
What brand of stereo speakers do you recommend and how much do they cost? $400 isn't exactly chicken feed.  
Steve C.
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