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gettng better all the time

6/6/2000 1:11 AM
gettng better all the time
Hey tboy,  
Site's quite useable on a 14" now - great job. The categories seem more intuitive also - keep up the good work!  
And now, a word from our sponsors:

6/6/2000 8:23 AM
Steve Ahola
Yes, but can tboy shrink the text boxes a bit?
    It looks like the text boxes (for the current post and your reply) are 52 monospaced characters wide. I find that I have to keep moving the window bar back and forth to be able to read the post and what I am typing... these have been smaller in the past- maybe 40 characters.  
    I have a weird display so I thought I better check if anyone else has this problem. (My monitor is 17" running at 1024 x 768, but I keep the Windows taskbar over on the left hand side of the screen so that the "active" area is more like a square than a rectangle.)  
    One other suggestion... can we have the browser title reflect the actual sub-forums within the Guitar Amps sections? I hardly ever look at the title bar but I see that it does indicate which forum you are logged on to... Just getting better and better!  
    Thanks, tboy!  
Steve Ahola

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