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Re: What's going on here?

6/11/2000 3:24 AM
Re: What's going on here?
I had a similar problem taking the listening test at school.. I could hear the leakage of the oscillator into the phones before they applied the signal, which drove the tester a little nuts! They gave up on me. (true story)  
While my hearing is far from superhuman, I have met a number of folks who qualify.. recording engineers who could tell what brand of reverb was used on a given track just by the tone of it, singers who had perfect enough pitch to go against a digital tuner and be *dead* on, every time, and a girl I knew in college who got headaches in large stores bc she could hear the constant screaming whistle of the motion sensors. Sounds like BS, I know, but she really could. One thing I know for sure is that people hear things differently. At the other end of the scale from the "golden ears" was my great grandmother who (the story goes) was getting piano lessons as a young girl. The teacher was showing her some major chords, and then he had her flat the 3rd to go to the minor. She reportedly said, "Wow, you can almost hear the difference." That was her last lesson. ;-)  
It not a "better or worse" scenario IMHO, some folks can run faster, some folks can hear a little better. It's always going to be what *you* hear that matters. :-)
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6/6/2000 9:40 PM
Bryan James
Re: R.G., here's a test for you
{They also should accept the facts and refrain from parttaking in discussions about the sonic differences between resistor types}  
i have to agree with jim everybody hears differently. I know i missing a few ranges but also know that i can hear still on the some upper high range. do i have hearing damage? yes. can i here somethings you can't? probly. should that exclude me from chatting in a subject? no. should I exclude someone else because they can't hear as good as i can no. in fact i welcome to hear what other people think? yes can i can't always pick up everything.  
there are many factors in what makes an amp sound as good as they do. and what sounds great to me you might not like.  
6/6/2000 11:58 PM
Peter S

Since the upper range of human hearing is more than double, in some cases almost triple the limited range of a guitar amplifier, I cant see how using instrument as crude a Blackface Fender or any other guitar amplifier can qualify as the "Litmus test" of your hearing abilities. This is ludicrous! The upper range of a guitar amp is limited to about 7KHz by the speaker and the OT if not the circuitry. A better test of hearing would be to go to an audiologist and have them conduct a hearing test. They will print a graph of your hearing response and you will see that you can hear far above anything a guitar amp can reproduce. Now as far as training the ear to hear subtle differences in timbre, sure that can easily be done. As musucians we train our ears to hear many things that people who are not musicians do not recognise. The same is true of amp techs. Be able to hear the difference created by adding a few picofarads of capacitance to an amplifier circuit is no great feat. If you build amps, you will use instruments to take measurements, but in the final analysis, the tuning is done by ear. After gaining some experience at doing this you become "tuned in" to many of the subtleties of amp tone. I dont see what on earth this has to do with the percieved tonal differences between resistor types. Most people who claim to be "resistor type enlightened" cant tell you what the difference is, usually whean asked this question the response will "CC's sound better". Sometimes you can get a person to commit to saying they make the amp sound warmer. I've never heard anyone make the claim that CC's enhance high frequency response. This is a first. If I place two identical Kimerik K-50's on the floor side by side and one was ordered with CC's....the other amp having the standard carbon films, the only way that anyone can tell which one is which is to turn up the volume knob and listen for the hiss and rumble of the CC's. Tonally, the amps will have no difference. I've done AB comparisons like this for my customers many times over the years and in blind tests, there is no way to tell the difference.  
Kimerik Amplifiers
6/7/2000 9:23 PM
Stephen Conner

"I've done AB comparisons like this for my customers many times over the years and in blind tests, there is no way to tell the difference. "
Yes! At last somebody on Ampage actually does a blind test! Next you'll be telling me you found out $1000 hi-fi interconnects don't sound better than $20 ones ;P Seriously, you are due some respect for doing the science instead of cheating like most hi-fi reviewers do (in a sighted test, the tricker and more expensive looking equipment curiously always sounds better)  
Thanks for upholding the truth  
Steve C
6/10/2000 8:22 AM
Peter S

As a guitar amplifier builder, it is my responsibility to teach my customers as much about their amplifiers as I possibly can. When I have a customer who is going to plunk down $2,000.00 US for an amp telling me they want crummy carbon composition resitors installed in their amp instead of the standard good quality ones that will sound better, the only recours I have is to do blind AB comparisons......the reaction you get from the customer after such a demonstration is amazing! It's like finding out that there is no Santa Claus for most people. The good news is they get an amp that is more reliable, sound better, and since these amps are designed to run full bore, they can actually crank 'em without all the annoying noise.  
Peter s  
Kimerik Amplifiers
6/10/2000 7:56 PM
Stephen Conner

"it is my responsibility to teach my customers as much about their amplifiers as I possibly can"
That's a nice attitude. Most companies seem to feel only one responsibility - to get all the dough out of their customer's pocket.  
Steve C.
6/7/2000 12:18 AM
Randy Jamz

This reminds me of every time my wife was pregnant and people claimed to 'know' the sex of my unborn child. You have a 50-50 chance of guessing right! Get back to me when you can take a tweed Bassman and tell in a blind test which if ANY of the tube shields has been removed. Now you have a one in four chance (when none are removed) of guessing correctly. And that is all you are doing; guessing.

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