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Another test

6/12/2000 11:53 PM
Another test
This has been in my mind all the day long.  
What is best, what is good...  
Fender, Gibson, Marshall...  
Then one "discovers" Ampeg, etc  
Have you, for example, ever heard a Binson  
power amp?  
And if you hear it for the first time, would it be posible to tell at once if it sounds better or worse than a Fender or Marshall?  
What I mean, is that a lot of "this is good", "this is the best"... Belongs in a big part to what we are used to through the times, to what we have learned.  
It's amazing how good a SS amp could sound in the hands of A.King, for example.  
I like a lot, and in certain way, tube sound, because That is the "sound" for reproduction for music that I first remember, but I also remember very well, that apart those wonderful bass notes that came through the speakers of old radios, when I first heard expencive SS equipment, I inmediatly recognized that that (SS) was "better"... more natural... more accurate to reality...  
It's just a thought. I'm not trying to compare or anything; and I prefer tubes, BTW...  
6/14/2000 5:25 PM

I don't think it matters much on the name as it does what you yourself like. If it sounds good to you,use it. Its like music or songs,we all like different types or maybe alot like the same type. But its what you like that matters.  

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