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Re: R.G., here's a test for you

6/7/2000 1:29 PM
Re: R.G., here's a test for you
More noise
6/7/2000 6:59 PM
Reid Kneeland

"More noise"
Which, interestingly , is also the main difference you'll hear with CC vs MF resistors (different kind of noise, of course). Maybe this is at least part of what people are hearing as "detail" - artifacts from the interaction of the noise and the signal?  
Just guessing (and I'm sure I'm not the first with this particular guess).  
6/9/2000 2:01 PM
Peter S

That's my guess too....Kind of an intermodualtion effect, but you dont have to install poor quality resistors in an amp to achieve this effect. Why not use high quality components that are quiet, and introduce noise or other effects into the sound at will if that's what you desire.  
Peter S  
Kimerik Amplifiers
6/7/2000 3:20 PM

I've never tried to tell if there was a difference with a tube sheild on or not, maybe I will this afternoon but I think that if there is a difference, as soon as the band cranks up, that difference is gone. Something so subtle that you have to train yourself or practice for a week (as you said) to be able to hear can't be that drastic and surely shouldn't be what we base our tone on.  
6/7/2000 4:37 PM

I think it's sweet how everyone feels the need to jump to RG's defense. After all, he has shared a wealth of knowledge and is highly regarded by most members of this board, myself included. He has helped to dispel many myths about guitar amps, effects and audio electronics in general. And while Holger's implications that RG's hearing may not be up to snuff may be a little rude; I don't get the impression that he's trying to slam RG, just challenge him to dig deeper. To me, it's also an attempt by Holger to validate his own beliefs and theories, IOW, dig a little deeper. Although, in my opinion, the test itself is flawed due to a lack of control over other variables, (EG), added noise when tube shield is removed, I feel that Holger's desire for a deeper understanding is a good thing. I enjoy reading the different perspectives, it helps me to form my own opinions.  
6/8/2000 2:32 AM
Just sitting here reading these and thinking. i do go through alot of preamp tubes listening to the tone differences. And thinking if you were doing a test it would depend on the tube also in the preamp section as well, some hiss more some are quiet. So what your hearing may be the tube not the resistor hiss.. etc.. but the differences in preamp tubes you deaf-N-itly can hear. Even us almost deaf Marshall players as myself. And it makes sence of sounding different with the shields off.The shields help keep out noise. Esp.. in high gain amps. there may be a world of difference in sound with or without them. I'm still trying to fighure out the blackface silverface magic. when you have 2 identical amps side by side..tested everything you know to test.. and you think wow that amp sounds so good.. then set the blackface beside it.. OMG what a butt kicking difference..  
6/8/2000 10:09 AM

1. Tone is where you find it.  
2. Opinions are worth as much as the air they're printed on.  
3. If you built a CAR with 10% tolerance parts, you wouldn't even be able to fully ASSEMBLE it, let alone get it to RUN!  
4. I like Silvertone branded RCA manufacture black plate 6L6's, But as soon as I get to the gig and put in the foam earplugs, I really couldn't tell WHAT tubes are in my amp. One(two, actually) less things to worry about.  
5. There's a sucker born every minute, and ebay is the direct hotline.  
6. If you can hear it on a radio station that has commercials, IT'S NOT ALTERNATIVE!  
7. That Chinese made Squier Strat that you just routed for a humbucker WILL BE a collector's item someday and eventually a future owner of the instrument will CURSE YOU for destroying the vintage value!  
8. The faster you route out those Squiers, the quicker the stock ones will rise in value. Modders and hackers are doing act of righteous salvation because due to their valiant efforts, the great amps and guitars of yesterday and today will be in the hands of players, not collectors!  
9. Kenny Wayne Shepherd is a marginally talented hack.  
10.I tend to ramble, but this is as good a place as any:)

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