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Re: Got the Les Paul Itch

5/18/2000 9:58 PM
Re: Got the Les Paul Itch
Since nobodies chimed in about used Les Pauls here's my two slugs on the opportunities: If you like the tobacco-burst big humbucking kind of thing the Heritage 80 series from the early 80's is a pretty good value although I have seen prices climbing on those lately... If you like the goldtop p90 vibe try and find a second reissue. These have a stop tailpiece. They were built in the early 70's and usually get confused/grouped with the typical 70's Gibsons, which they are not.
5/18/2000 10:05 PM
Eric H

"If you like the goldtop p90 vibe try and find a second reissue. These have a stop tailpiece. They were built in the early 70's and usually get confused/grouped with the typical 70's Gibsons, which they are not. "
FWIW, this is what EVH played before he built the first bastard strat (from around '70 to '75) It had a phenomenal sound. P90's in a paul are great.  
5/19/2000 2:21 AM
Winnie Thomas

I have had Les Pauls. I have also had Ibanez Artist from the late 70's early 80's. I currently have an '82 Ibanez Artist. For my taste, and money, I challenge anyone to play it with their eyes closed and compare it to a Les Paul. I'll bet you couldn't tell the difference.  
Mine has the large inlays on the neck, and gold hardware. It's a cherry sunburst. I paid $600 for it. That's about the middlin' price for them.  
They are also starting to appreciate in value.  
5/19/2000 6:19 AM
Eric H

"I'll bet you couldn't tell the difference."
Winnie, I had one of these, a '78 with the dot-inlays (same as yours, not as fancy) and the quality of workmanship was very impressive, a beautifully made instrument --the only problem I had at the time was very poor balance with a strap --it was neck-heavy (the massive tuners were a part of this).  
Having said that, I wouldn't have compared it to a LP,(also had a '74 LP standard at the time) it was way thinner and lighter, 24 fret ebony fingerboard (different pickup spacing) that big sustain block under the bridge --these differences, combined to produce a much brighter tone, and less sustain (I played several other Artists at the time, that were similar)I was never happy with the tone --very non-descript. I would have said it was more like a Hamer. You must have an exceptional one, IMHO!  
5/19/2000 3:13 PM
Peter S

I have a pearl white '82 Ibanez Artist with Gold Hardware, Ebony, Abalone, Rosewood Heastock Veener, top of the line. It's a beautiful instrument in it's own right, has a gerat tone and is very playable, however I would'nt even attempt to compare it to any of my Les Pauls. It's a completely different animal. The Les Paul have a much warmer and more complex tone. I love the Ibanez....but a Les Paul it is definately not! That's not to say it is not as good, because it surely is, just very differant. I would suggest playing as many differant instruments as you can get you rhands on and see what you like. Your taste in guitars can change too, I always preferred Gibson style instruments until I found this '52 Telecaster recently, I bought it, and it does the Les Paul thing very well if I roll back the treble Control. It's now my main axe.  
5/19/2000 7:00 PM
Winnie Thomas
well it was 20- 30 years ago...
Okay, Let me say that I had the Les Paul in 1970 and my first Artist in 1980. So maybe I'm being rather proud of the guitar.  
I'll recant on the comparison, but will stand firm on the fact that the guitar is an incredible bargain and a superb instrument.  
If anyone would like to see pics, please e-mail me and I'll send them to you.  
5/20/2000 2:36 AM
Peter S

I didnt mean to say that the Artist is not a great guitar, or that it is inferior to the Les Paul in any way. I was merely trying to point out that the Artist has a distinct character of it's own. Surely the Artist was heavily influenced by the Les Paul, and I guess warrants comparison. A really good Les Paul has a warm rich sound that is different from any of the Ibanez Artists I've played, including my own. That is not to say that it is necessarily better, just different. The Artist is probably a more versatile instrument do to it's wider range of tones. I can get a pretty fair imitation of my Tele with mine, that I can't do with any of my Les Pauls. I can also get a pretty fair imitation of my Les Pauls with it too, so I guess your comparison stands. On the other hand my Tele does and amazingly good job of mimicking my Les Pauls, so who knows.....I guess it's just a matter of going for the sound you are hearing in your head, and making the instrument do it. I agree with you totally that the Ibanez is a great instrument and an incredible bargain......better buy 'em up now before people catch on....they wont stay cheap forever, especially with Les Pauls getting so overpriced.

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