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LDR spec search

5/12/2000 2:57 PM
LDR spec search
Hi everyone - I have a Boogie in the shop with a dead LDR (I know I can call Boogie, but it's a toll call, so I thought I'd do a web search).  
It's a Vactec/Vactrol 21L884.  
Allied Electronics has a list of Vactrol LDRs and specs, but they're VTL... I have some of these & would think one of the them should work, but I need the specs on the original.  
Tried going to EG & G Optoelectronics (the manufacturer), then to now owned by Perkin Elmer Opto, then for a data sheet, but they won't let me in or error messages show up.  
Anyone hip to the specs on this device or know where else I should search?  
5/14/2000 2:54 AM
Re: go the info - thanks anyway
Thanks to all who read the request.  
Even though I couldn't get into the Perkins Elmer Opto site (and notice how they are of Groom Lake) [Hmm.] or was able to get data sheets from,  
Richard at Boogie was kind enough to email and say that the LDR in question has an equivalent in the VTL... series.  
Happy Trails,  
5/14/2000 7:26 AM
Steve A.

    Can you post the VTL number that will work in the Boogies?  
Steve Ahola
5/18/2000 1:15 AM

Hi Steve -  
The only optoiso's in Boogies that I was informed about were for the "Studio Preamp" which uses:  
21L884 = VTL5C4 and  
21L883 = VTL5C1.  
But awhile ago, I had ordered some VTL5C9 optoiso's from Boogie & do not see them listed in the Allied catalog. Hope to find a more direct source for those too.  
So Steve, did you go to the Perkins Elmer site or  
5/18/2000 1:27 AM

Allied carries the VTL5C9,they just don't list them in their catalog.Go to Allied's site and do a search for them,they are usually in stock.  
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