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Re: Tune a Piano

5/15/2000 9:14 AM
Re: Tune a Piano
Hi everybody!  
John,i might seem a bit dishonest there,but i would have told the lady that the piano was fucked,and bought it from her;anyway i respect Steinway soo much,that,if i had done that,i would have asked a proper piano tuner/repairer to fix it for me,i would never have dared to get my hands inside there.  
Tracy,have you ever seen a Fazzioli?  
Best regards.  
5/16/2000 4:51 AM
John Fisher

I had to take apart 50 keys because they were so old and corroded and swolen that they were all stuck together. There was only one broken string but fortunately it was the very bottom note so it didn't matter so much. I think she new how much it was worth too so I wasn't about to try and swindle her.  
When I was done it worked and sounded prefect "to me". An amazing sound and a real fun experience. That was my one and only attempt at ever tunning a piano.  
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