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Re: Hack alert, Would it be a hack to? A thought..

5/17/2000 2:44 AM
Peter S
Re: Hack alert, Would it be a hack to? A thought..
Don't get me wrong.....if the work you do is high quality and in good taste and you like the amp but you want it to have some special features that it did't come with, in my opinion there's nothing wrong with doing what you have to to make it work for you. It's quite possible to make an amp work for you without ruining it. The thing that bugs me about"hacking", is when someone has an amp....say a 65 blackface Fender or JTM 45 and they want it to be a Peavey 5150, and then they do a bunch of POORLY EXECUTED mods to it and the amp becomes a piece of shit. Can it be fixed? To a certain extent yes. But why do it in the first place?  
It doesnt have anything to do with collectability for me, I would feel the same way if it was a Matchless,Kimerik,DrZ,Top Hat,Tone King,Victoria,Bruno, or any other instrument of high quality. If you need a 5150 or a JCM 900 you should get one and sell your Matchless or whatever to someone who can appreciate it for what it is. That's all I'm saying. As far as junk amps go like Crates....anything can improve upon them so you're doing the amp a favor, but I can't stand to see butchery on ANY piece of gear, even a Gorilla amp....if your not handy with tools, then let someone who is skilled do the work.  
5/17/2000 11:50 AM

We are indeed in agreement. A piece like a Princeton or tweed Deluxe is simply a great amp, in that it is what it is and shouldn't be changed. It makes me sick to see a Torres mod in a Fender that is supposed to make it sound like a Marshall. Why didn't the guy sell the Fender and buy a Marshall? First of all, it is impossible to do this, and you ruin what the amp was to begin with. These amps should be appreciated for what they are. It took about ten years of hacking for me to figure this out. My Concert looks totally stock from the front and back, the holes in the chassis were to mount post-distortion tone controls that made this channel usable. I don't think it is a hack.  
Now this is a hack: in the mid-eighties, a friend of mine begin modding amps. He had a way to smell out vintage amps to work his "magic" on. I visited him one day just as he passed a 14" drill bit through the B on the front panel of a mint white tolex white knob pre CBS Bassman. He also had a knack of soldering to tube pins while the amp was powered up and the tubes in the socket. Now THAT's a hack.
5/17/2000 3:10 AM
I've got a bud that used to play pv's and strat copies with acoustic strings startin out. He became a SRV fanatic and improving as a player, so I started educating him on gear to obtain a good sound. He aquired a SRV strat (his choice) and a Blackface SuperReverb and Vibroverb in excellent condition! I was proud and happy for him, until the next day I go over his house and he has drilled and bolted some big 'ol clunky casters to the bottom of each amp along with hardware drawer handles on the sides! I was in shock! I asked him why?? He gave me the old what,their mine,I'm not gonna sell'um. But still why this, so I lectured him on the reasons not to do stupid things like that. This has been a few years back and thankfully he hasn't tried any soldering on them!
5/17/2000 4:07 AM
Re: Hack alert, Would it be a hack to?
To me, a "hack" would be to put a master volume on the front of an old BF champ.
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