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Re: Hack alert, Would it be a hack to?

5/15/2000 10:20 PM
Peter S
Re: Hack alert, Would it be a hack to?
I've hack modded a few SS amps into tube amps, and IMHO the world was much better for it, however I have friend who also a tech, and for some unknown reason, he hates tube amps and believes that we should recycle all the glass and metal. He thinks blackface Fenders are garbage. Did I miss something????????????????? This guy plays PV solid state amps. I think his tone is horrendous.....he can't stand mine. The really strange thing is.......he's a good tech. The point is.....hacking has different meanings to different people. Personally, I think Solid State only has a place in bias supplies, computers and industrial control devices.  
5/17/2000 5:20 AM
Re: PV confessions
At one time, I bought a PV TNT bass amp that I played my strat copy (memphis) through. (hold on, it gets worse) I think it was an older 45W model. It did a great job reproducing the 'natural' sound of that single coil guitar. For lack of a better word, 'natural' comes to mind because it reproduced the low end VERY well and of course, had the fast transient response of transistors. I didn't realize how much most amps color or cut out the 'low' end until this. I never was much for the clean sound from say a Fender because it sounded too *clean*.  
This amp was very transparent which allowed more of the guitar's character to come through. (is anyone buying this) It also had a gain knob which I cranked to get more of a blues crunch. I almost urinated on myself when I checked out the guts. Aside from the transformer & pots, all the components could fit in a cigarette pack. Anyway, if it had anything different than a 15" speaker & ported cabinet, the transistors would've sounded like broken glass frying in hot oil. However this setup sounded damn good for blues. (I don't work for PV and I'm changing my email add. so please don't mail bomb me)  
5/18/2000 12:32 PM
Stephen Conner

Hey, you're not alone, I like my PV 4x10" bass cabinet. It's amazingly loud and made out of _real_ plywood ;)  
Steve C.
5/16/2000 5:55 PM
Re: Hack alert, Would it be a hack to? A thought..
So, hacking a Marshall Mosfet amp will not be considered hacking unless the Mosfet becomes collectible? If the future SRV (whoever that might be) uses one, this whole thread will be considered heresy.  
Seems to me that collectibility is everything when it comes to whether hacking is bad or not. I remember in the eighties when you couldn't give away some of the Ibanez guitars now considered collectible. And, some guys installed Floyd Rose trems in their Les Pauls to make them "usable". In the late eighties, around here everyone wanted to send their amps to Lee Jackson to get them modded. They are regretting this now.  
I'm glad you guys can't see what I'm working on right now; I bought a CBS Princeton years ago from a local music store that had no faceplate and was converted to a head by whacking off half the cabinet. It will soon be a Rt.66 clone with EL34's and all motor run filter caps! We be hacking here in NC!
5/16/2000 8:00 PM
adding another factor to the mix.....
First of, it may be considered a hack if you drill out a BFDR etc for whatever reason. NOW, if you own the amp, it truly is YOURS to do whatever you want with. AND if you are someone who KNOWS you will nEVER sell it, then do as you please with it!... On the other hand, if I had $1 for every piece of equipment I owned that I swore I'd NEVER sell *laugh* I personally don't advocate 'hacking' collectable or vintage gear, but if it's yours, not much I can say now, can I.... oh what a strange world we live in....  
Just think, if the late 70's and 80's never existed, imagine how much good equipment woudnthave been hacked... such as les pauls with Floyd rose trems, strats with kahler trems, routed for humbuckers and active preamps, how many sf or bf fenders hacked into boogie clones... oh the list goes on!
5/16/2000 8:55 PM
Peter S
Re: Hack alert, Would it be a hack to? A thought..
I dont care whether or not an amp is collectible and I dont care if Jesus played one......that's not what it's about at all. To me what it IS about, is whether or not a musical instrument is a high quality piece that should be preserved, or whether it is particle board, pc board, Solid State garbage. You can't compare a fine instrument CRAFTED from high quality materials to something made of cardboard and's like the difference between a beautiful handcrafted Mahogany table and a K-Mart vinyl clad cardboard one. To chop up a piece of cardboard doesnt bother me, to chop up a work of art does.  
Peter S
5/17/2000 2:04 AM

I agree that hardwired Marshalls and pre-cbs Fenders are well made items and shouldn't be hacked. It just seems to me that this line is getting blurry when it comes to collectibility. Two PCB based collectors items that come to mind are almost all Boogies and nearly every effect pedal ever built. I think it is just a matter of time until seventies and eighties PCB Marshalls are collectible, as they have the heftier transformers. My early eighties Riviera era Fender Concert is considered a piece of junk by many, but it is built exactly like pre-CBS Fender amps with many of the same components. The same era Super Champ is becoming collectible already. When you think about it, nearly ANYTHING made by Fender before 1980 is considered a collectors item by someone somewhere with the exception of their solid state models. In twenty years when the eighties Fender Concert becomes collectible, folks will call me an idiot for drilling holes in the chassis (of course in the bottom where they can't be seen). And I will still be using the amp now that these mods have made it usable to me.

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