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Hack alert, Would it be a hack to?

5/11/2000 5:07 PM
Hack alert, Would it be a hack to?
I was thinking bout buying a old used marshall 100 watt Mosfet amp head and gutting it and making a Soldano clone. Is this a hack or a mercy killing? LOL  
Has any one out there done any thing like this?  
Curious to ask.  
...Mitch The mosfet slayer
5/11/2000 5:30 PM
Jim S.

It definitely would be a mercy killing.  
Of course the only parts that would get reused are the cabinet, the bare chassis (which will need a lot of holes punched and drilled in it), and maybe the knobs. Maybe those are worth more to you than the $100 (or maybe less) that you could get by selling the amp. OTOH, you might be better off starting with a blank chassis or a custom made (a lot more expensive) chassis.
5/11/2000 8:51 PM

Iīm "hacking" my ī79 Marshall JMP m. 1959 as we speak and I donīt feel bad about it.  
This amp will never gain any value anyway.  
HOWEVER....I would never butcher an amp Iīm perfectly happy with in the first place.  
I have little or no understanding why a person would buy, letīs say a BF Fender and then hack it.  
I can only speak for my self but Iīd make sure I was damn happy with the way that amp sounds before I pay the prices they charge for them over here.  
Hope I donīt get flamed.  
5/12/2000 4:28 PM
Stephen Conner

Hi Mitch,  
The head cabinet will likely be the wrong shape and power tubes won't fit in it. Also the chassis will probably not be very strong. I'd buy the mosfet head and back your car over it a couple of times to put it out its misery, then get another cabinet for your tube project.  
Or you could keep the mosfet power stage and install a SLO preamp (you can get HT off the existing mosfet PT using a voltage quadrupler) It would sound 'interesting'  
Steve C.
5/13/2000 10:05 PM

Well Instead of buying the marshall mosfet to gut and rebuild to a new Soldano clone I found a 2x12 PV at the guitar show for $20.00 that was blown up. What better way to start a new Amp clone than with a PV piece of Sh*&%&. LOL. Thanks for the info though on the marshall mosfet as I didnt see it, A friend had told me about it and I thought , What better way to do a new amp project that to take a SS amp and make a nice Hottroded tube amp out of it. For $20.00 I have a chassis a cabinet and some spare parts from this PV turd.
5/15/2000 12:32 PM

To be honest with you most people could care less if you gut a non-collectible amp. I think where the name "hack" comes in is where people gut a tweed bassman (or other collectible amps) and make a Soldano clone out of it.  
5/15/2000 5:41 PM

I was just poking fun at the hack alert thing. Thanks for the post though.  
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