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Re: Apology

4/25/2000 6:17 PM
Steve Slick
Re: Apology
Can't help you with the EVH sound. That's not a distinct sound. It also changed over time as Eddie changed his equipment and musical style.  
I used to live in Florida. I used to listen to the commercial fishermen on their CB radios off the coast. One thing I learned from their kids I attended school with: don't believe anything they say over the radio. If the boat was sinking in fish they'd say over the radio, "Ain't catching nothin' but a suntan."  
Same w/Eddie. The stuff he says in interviews is filtered for the competition. I've seen guys over the years try to recreate that sound based on what he says is in his rack. They could never get there.  
Right now I have Boss GT-3. If I'm looking for a certain sound, I create a patch with everything turned off. Then, selectively, I turn each effect on one at a time, and tweak it until I get as close to that effect in the sound I'm looking for. While frustrating, it's good ear training and I need every advantage I can get.  
Good luck on the recovery. You're right, I've never been there. But, then again, I've been to hell and back with the problem.  
My mother was an alcoholic until the day she died and the pain and suffering that was left in her wake was unbelievable. My brother is an alcoholic today. My sister is recovered oh... a good 3 years now, at the ripe young age of 44.  
I have two sons, both of whom are clean and sober now, but I could tell you some stories.  
I was brought up in a Christian home and it was drilled into me at an early age that using alcohol and drugs was morally wrong. So, while I tried them, I always felt enough guilt that I never completely let myself really turn loose.  
It's funny how your view of things changes as you get older. While we tend to make fun of "traditional values" and old-fashioned thinking, I'm glad I was brought up that way. Truthfully, had some of it not sunk in today, instead of a successful engineer with a loving family, I'd be a divorced drunk living in a trailer park in rural Georgia, like my brother.  
I wish I had a nickel for every incredibly talented guitarist I PERSONALLY knew over the years whose lives were destroyed because of alcohol and drugs. I could take my family out to a nice restaurant. In a way, it's not all that funny. You life is very important, so don't give up. Hang in there. I'll pray for you.  
To the rest of you guys... I don't know what to say. But if the guy apologizes, just let it go. Ignore this thread if it really bothers you. Like in the Don Hennley song, it's about forgiveness.  
Cheers To All,  
Steve Slick
4/25/2000 7:23 PM
Winnie Thomas

I don't understand why you got so many negative responses. Sounds to me like you were sincere in your apology.  
Rather than post a long message here, you can e-mail me if you like:  
BTW, I'd suggest finding a more savory hande.  
4/25/2000 9:53 PM

I hope that the Mitch that put his name up here would mind changing his name as Ive been here at Ampage under Mitch. I did not submit anything to this and I dont want some one to confuse THAT Mitch with me. I always include my email so this other Mitch is ANOTHER Mitch. Bye the way, This guy did apoligise so leave him along and act your ages not your shoe sizes!!! are we all techs here or imbesiles. POLLLEEEESSSE!!!!
4/26/2000 4:57 AM
Mark Hammer

You have a shake of the head and a mumbled "Jeez, what an asshole" from me for what got you into this mess, but you also get some sincere respect for having the cojonés to apologize. I'm sure you know that sometimes it's easier to keep up your musical chops than it is to keep up one's chops as a civil human being with self control, so my hat goes off to you for trying to work your way through the Mickey Baker book of getting your life together. Some chord changes in there that require some serious finger stretches! Keep at it, and ignore the disdain of people who don't know how hard it is.  
My wife and I watched the recent movie "Election" the other day (featuring Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon). One of the clever things in it was that towards the end Broderick's character gets a hornet or bee sting on his eyelid and it swells up like a sonuvabitch. Broderick's character *thinks* that he's taking all these noble stands about things later that day, but somewhere deep down the guy is just responding to the physical irritation of the sting. The director is careful to make it subtle, so you *think* he's acting righteous for the right reasons. It takes a lot of maturity to recognize the difference between righteous indignation borne of a solid sense of right and wrong, and that borne of just feeling crummy. I think we ALL cross over that line from time to time. Kudos for having the insight to know the difference.  
This obviously isn't the forum for addressing such matters as your rehab, but you know it's easy to feel a little vulnerable and let your guard down when hanging out with guys who share common interests. I had a heart attack last year, and I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather share that experience with than the guys who tell me how to build a better fuzz. Crazy, eh? So, regardless of what started all this (I missed it, but it seems you, um, "annoyed" some folks), you have my support for how you are dealing with it. It's a little like pepper in soup. A little bit of off-topic discussion helps to lubricate the tone of the on-topic discussion, but the same way you don't want the soup to be *just* pepper, you don't want the forum to be just off-topic.  
There is obviously more to turning your life around than reading books, but I would recommend two by some fellow psychologists. One is "Learned Optimism" by Martin Seligman, and the other is just about anything by Roy Baumeister on the psychology of self-control. Both are acknowledged scholars and experts in their respective areas (Seligman is president of the American Psychological Association, and one of the top dozen people in the world in the area of depression). No self-help guru B.S., just a nice dissection of how people work, how problems happen, and how to make everyday life improve. If you like the feeling of changing a cap or resistor value here and there and creating the tone you always wanted, you'll like what these guys have to say about the little "life mods" that can make a nice difference to the tone of one's life. As an AMPAGER, I'll take an instruction manual and technical know-how over sweet-talking any day of the week!  
Oh, and I'm with the guy who suggested a different name might evoke a different response. Good place to start.
4/26/2000 3:41 PM

"This is a message to all the people I have "flamed" (as you guys call it) in the past week or so. Firstly, I wanna apologize to anyone I insulted, but I have been going thru a bit of a rough patch."
I personally do not hold grudges. Grudges are for the ignorant! (ha, ha) ok, ok, ok...that was a bad joke. Apologizing makes you a pretty good man in my book! :) (not that my book is anything special--ha, ha)  
"I myself have been going thru rehab and it isn't going too well,"
I'm sorry to hear that it's not going well, truly I am. There are A LOT of really nice people here who are super kind and I for one would be willing to help in any way I can. Of course it would be moral support since I'm sure we do not live close to one another but at least it's support!  
"as I guess a few of you seemed to have picked out in your responses. Let me tell you, IT IS NO JOKE."
I don't think anyone here is cruel enough to make a joke out of such a thing. I know I don't think it's a joke. It's a hard road to walk and at first most of it is up hill.  
"I have spent most of the last two years or so in and out of rehab clinics while my music career has gone to the dogs. As a singer/guitarist, I always considered myself someone with a lot of potential, but, well, it is true that you cannot sustain any creative abilities whilst dealing with "Harry". It consumes your life."
I must say that you are pretty brave to post this here and that says only good things about you!  
"What upset me was reading about all these "90's musos with needles hanging out of their arms" - pretty much implying most of the musos of today are smack addicts."
I know that it touched a nerve that was close to home but believe when I say that I seriously doubt it was directed at you. I don't think anyone had any idea you what you were going through.  
"Unless you've been there, you don't know what it is like. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I was angry and my rehab was falling to bits when I wrote a lot of this."
That's unfortunate but very understandable. It can be hard as I've helped friends through some hard times just as you are going through.  
Addiction is a very powerful force to deal with.  
"Things are a little better, I'm a little more lucid now, so here goes: Trace (whoever you are),..."
Actually my real name is Trace! (ha, ha) It's to meet the real you! :)  
"sorry I got a little heavy with slagging you over the EVH stuff, but I used to have a 5150 that I wound up selling for $200 for a hit. It cost me around $3000 (over here) when I bought it. I suppose if it had have been a better amp, then maybe I would have gotten more for it! But then, let's face it, I'd probably be dead if I had."
I do understand where you are coming from and I know that writing this must have been hard. I accept your apology completely. I don't think you are an evil person. As I've said, I've seen friends go through the same thing so I know what you are going through. If I didn't accept your apology then that would make me a pretty bad human being.  
"Anyone else who I don't remember sorry I was just angry and confused. I wouldn't mind finding out exactly how EVH got his sound, if I could get it to sound EXACTLY like VH1, not like a 5150.  
Anyway, sorry to unload on you guys like I did, I was just lost, man, that's all."
We can all be supportive! I can honestly say that this is the first time I've seen this on the Ampage but perhaps it will help someone else who may also be going through rehab. As I've said before I am more than willing to help in any way I can.  
"If anyone can help me with some advice on how to TRULY get a sound like that, I'm all ears."
Actually the 78' demo I have pretty much sounds the same as the album (as far as guitar tone). If you use a 1959 run it into a LA-2A compressor and slam the signal onto 2" tape ... you're pretty much there! The LA-2A is a BIG part of the secret. (An EMT plate reverb helps as far as creating a bigger 3-D picture from one guitar).  
Many recording engineers are familiar with these tube compressors. They are about $2,800 now (used or for the reissues) but when you jack them up they break up in a very musical way! Andy Johns used it on the song "Black Dog" from Zeppelin. There was nothing at that time (amp wise) that would get that kind if distortion so he ran JP's guitar signal into the LA-2A and crank it to get the extra gain. Everyone thought it was an amp so you can see how musical it can be when it breaks up. ;-)  
Of course Eddie had an over wound PAF pickup which jacks up the signal going into the front of the amp. I also think (can't say for sure) that the echoplex unit also had a hotter output which would have jacked the signal up a bit.  
PS: What's your first name anyway?
4/26/2000 4:07 PM
Ed fan EVH tone
Seems to me a lot of y'all overlook the fact that whatever gear he uses, Ed plays the guitar very, very well...
4/26/2000 4:55 PM
Eric H

Yeah, buddy, anyone fortunate enough to see him at the keg party's in Pasadena from 1971-1974 is still trying to pick their jaws off the ground.  
All he used then was a Goldtop w/p90's straight into the infamous Rose-Palace Marshall (first time I saw him --14 yrs old--he had a Marshall 2x12 combo) His tone was everything you've heard --but it was always the HANDS. IMHO the almost telepathic connection he has with Alex is something not to be believed, and an often overlooked part of the whole.  
Sorry, just reminiscing, I went to a cross-town high-school from these guys (with Dave Roth) and was lucky enough to watch the whole thing happen.  

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