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Re: Apology

4/26/2000 5:16 PM
Eric H
Re: Apology
I kicked everything BUT heroin (still haven't kicked cigs --that's been a bitch) around 10 years ago, and it took quite a while. It WILL get better, and you will play better than before, if that's what you want.  
Feel free to email me.  
As far as this being off-topic: I see a musician that needs help --close enough for jazz.  
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4/26/2000 5:22 PM

I'm not even going ot begin to pretend I understand where exactly you are coming from. And I'm not going to gve you sympathy, BUT I will say that I'm glad to see you are getting things under control.  
Some on here were bashing you, probably because they saw you as a 'troll' loking to pick fights withpeople on here, and yes, your name didn't help much. BUT if you were in fact doing that, I'd think you woudnt go thru the hassle of writing an apology, rather you'd keep on doing what you were. What I do believe in is second chances, and I believe you deserve that. Sure there is no excuse for acting like an asshole (being an asshole and acting like one are 2 different things... since you seem like a pretty decent guy after all, i'd just say you were acting like that in the past.). Three is also no excuse for bashing you after you came clean with us here. I do suggest changing your handle on here for obvous reasons, but under the circumstances, if you would have done that before you posted your apology, no one would know who ya were now, would they?  
I wish you the best of luck, and hope you stick aorund here, and learn from us, and your contributions will help allof us learn. You can never know EVERYTHING, and you can always learn from ANYBODY.  
Point is, some of us are on yoru side and in your cheering section Even though I've never went thru what you did, doesnt mean i can't be understanding and always willing to help whereever I can.  
PERSONALLY, (although I"m biased), I think here would be a great place to learn another hobby, to help with the rehab. I'd be more than willing to point you to a few good sources for info, and would even be willin to help out wiht surplus parts whereever I can. Having something to occupy some of your time can be a great aid in overcoming something (in my opinion of course-- but iknow that some rehabs use arts and crafts to give people new interests)... besides, being a musician as well, building yoru first piece of tube gear is a definite self-esteem boost as well.... I wish you the best and am willing to help wherever I can.
4/26/2000 9:46 PM
Steve Slick

Awwwwwwwww... now I feel much better.  
When I first started reading this thread, I was stunned at the responses. I had lurked here a while but only recently started posting. Came over from Harmony Central's Guitar Forum. That's an immature bunch over there at times, but they're not that cold. Despite their differences over styles, amps, politics, who's got the biggest... frets, and silver wire, they are pretty supportive of each other.  
For a while I though maybe I'd fallen in with the wrong bunch. I can't imagine how Dick What's-his-name must have felt. (Oh and Dick? Get a new handle, it's holding you back, man.)  
Anyway, thanks to rest of you guys. Now I know I'm in the right place.  
Thanks Again,  
Steve Slick
4/27/2000 2:43 AM
Steve A.

    I think that the reaction here was mainly because of the posts D.G. had made previously and taken out of that context the responses do seem to be a bit rough. It had been suggested that D.G. had been a new pseudonym for someone else who had wore out his welcome here with his abusive posts... but that is really neither here nor there.  
    If the apology from D.G. is indeed sincere then I offer him the best of luck. [But get a new name to go with your new life- ok? No one will take you seriously with a name like that...]  
--Thanks for your post, Steve!  
Steve Ahola
4/26/2000 11:52 PM
Excuses, excuses, your'e just a junkie loser screw you and your habit
4/27/2000 2:24 AM
Steve Slick

B. OK-E, Bruce, Mitch (the other one, sorry Mitch), anonymous, & Harry...


Since you all are cowards and wont put your e-mail return address, Im guessing that you are really just one jerk or two. I only got two words for whoever you are:






Steve Slick

4/27/2000 7:07 AM
Good call, Steve
"B. OK-E, Bruce, Mitch (the other one, sorry Mitch), anonymous, & Harry..."
I just checked the BBS logs Steve, and your suspicions are correct; with the possible exception of Harry, they're definitely all the same jerk.  

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