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Anybody else use their middle finger?

4/30/2000 8:00 AM
Steve A.
Anybody else use their middle finger?
    And I thought that I was the only one who held his pick between his thumb and middle finger... (I had smashed my right index finger with a pick-axe when I was a kid and that nail has never grown like my other nails.) Speaking of nails, if the nail on my middle finger breaks it screws up my picking until it grows back. And ditto for the thumbnail. So I try to keep them "just right" with an emery board (too long and I'll break them off at work). Hell, I remember gluing on fake nails (actually toe nails!) that I'd get from a neighbor's mother... [Better stop now before revealing any more skeletons from my past!]  
Steve Ahola
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5/1/2000 2:27 PM

I do too.. (thumb & middle finger) It's better for strumming quickly IMO, and I go back and forth between pick & fingers a lot, and using the middle finger makes it easier to tuck the pick up under my palm. I am *trying* to learn to do it right, but I've been wrong for so long.. ;-)
5/5/2000 3:09 PM

I too, use my thumb and middle finger.  
I also file my nails 2x a week. People in  
the office think I'm a freak.  
I never cut my nails. I keep up with them  
so well that a touch up with the nail file  
twice a week is all that is needed.  
I can play easier with short nails.  
5/5/2000 7:05 PM

I've met quite a few players who use their middle finger and thumb to hold the pick so they can fingerpick when they feel like it, but it didn't feel too natural to me so I just use my other fingers. In other words, I still use the forefinger and thumb for the pick and I just use the other three fingers to pick with OR I palm the pick and use the thumb and whatever other fingers are free. I don't pay too much attention to which finger does what as long as they all behave themselves and I get what I want out of them! This could just be another example of my doing everything backwards, though.  
5/6/2000 12:01 AM

When not completely fingerpicking, I sometimes or usually go fifty fifty by holding the pick against my palm with the small finger and the anular, and do quite a few things with thumb, index and middle.  
Sometimes I loose the plectrum when I try to pick with it again, but I can manage quite well fingerpicking so I just make a few "adjustments" on the air and forget it on the floor.  
5/8/2000 10:19 AM

Got a large bag of toe-nails ready for you, just send your UPS address (P.S., got any use for cat claw prunings?).  
5/8/2000 10:30 AM
Stephen Conner

Hi guys,  
I'm always in a dilemma, I play the guitar with 3 fingers and thumb (I started out on classical guitar) and I play the bass upright style. For best tone and easiest playing on the guitar I need long nails and for the bass I need none at all. Now if I had some of those cat claws I could stick them on with wax and take them off again when playing bass.  
Steve C.

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