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Re: Jimmy advises Chelation Therapy

5/4/2000 3:19 AM
Eric H
Re: Jimmy advises Chelation Therapy
"Chelation is the only way to get the lead out"
pretty good pun, Jim  
And now, a word from our sponsors:

5/4/2000 5:48 AM
John Fisher
Re: about addiction
I used to be heavily into drugs and had some near death experiences.  
I think a lot of us musician are susceptible to that sort of thing because we are spiritually sensitive . Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the bad.  
Drugs are a hard thing to shake and like many other problems in life, like gambling or drinking or just plain loneliness or depression, they are just symptoms of a greater problem.  
I just didn't have a reason or motivation to live and that was my main problem.  
When I got that sorted out, the emptiness was gone and I didn't need any rehab.  
John Fisher

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