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Re: A Message To Dick Goesinya & To The True Dicks

5/1/2000 3:27 AM
Re: A Message To Dick Goesinya & To The True Dicks
OK!!!! At LEAST 68 (count'em) replies in this crazy thread, or the other one....who knows how many before that. You guys are spending so much time opinionating about something (I guess I'm here too, now), about something that has nothing to do with the purpose of this forum....that your not sharing USEFUL IMFORMATION anymore. Dick had a problem...people attacked or sympathized. are attacking each other...AND NOTHING IS BEING ACCOMPLISHED!! YOU SOUND LIKE FREAKIN' JERRY SPRINGER ON ACID!!!! LET IT GO!!! Please...  
I like poking in every once in a while... I learn things. Most of you guys are better than to be baited. If the guy is sincere... I wish him the best we all should. If he's jerkin' our chain...he'll get what's comin' sooner than later. How much simpler does it need to be said to be understood.  
Can't we all just get along?  
And now, a word from our sponsors:

5/1/2000 10:25 AM
Jeff S.

Like Just A Bystander said I too should probably have my head examined for adding to this mess, but...  
I may be an idealist, a bleeding-heart, a sucker, etc... but, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe we've all been suckered in, maybe the guy never did drugs a day in his life, maybe we should all be pissed-off at him for having wasted our time, and maybe none of this is worth the effort it takes to type these words. Maybe the whole notion of compassion and humanity is a big sham, and all of the emotions, thoughts, and deads that are expended on helping and caring for others are nothing more than a waste. Perhaps the world would be better if nobody cared or gave a shit--we could all live free from the burden of a conscience, steal what we wanted, kill who we wanted, and realign the stars and planets around ourself. Maybe...just maybe. I tend to think otherwise, though.  
If the whole apology was a lie intended to toy with us and take advantage of the kind ones among us, then I agree with those who have said to Dick "go fuck yourself." I don't appreciate having my emotions used as a play-thing any more than the rest of the world.  
And if those who responded to the apology negatively, did so because they believed that Dick was full of shit, than I apologize for attacking you so heavily. I didn't truely come to realize that people were doubting his sincerity when I made my original post.  
But, I don't believe that people often claim to be a junkie because it makes a convenient excuse or because it elicits a strong response...I certianly don't believe that is the case in this situation, but I've been wrong many times before in my life and I may be wrong about this as well.  
Anyhow, I'm done waxing philosophical for the night, so take it easy.  
Jeff S
5/1/2000 5:40 PM
Where to play
If you want to be healthy, it's good to find venues to perform other than bars. (I admit this is a problem when you like to play distorted electric guitar.) I drink a lot less, now that I mostly perform on acoustic at coffee houses and churches... and the socializing is as good or better than the bars were. No booze, no drugs, no ringing ears, get to bed early, play intense music - what's not to like? Good luck, Dick.
5/3/2000 3:22 AM
Re: Apology
Looks like I'm joining this one kinda late. I read all the posts.  
There is no right or wrong here guys. Fact is that this man is a junkie and will probably remain a junkie till the day he stops using our air.  
This message board is not the place for this kind of post. There are support boards for this with qualified people to answer your questions. There is also no need appologizing, because you are responsible for your actions whether or not you were on smack at the time. I have seen too many of your kind to have an once of hope and/or sympathy for you. Please go elsewhere. Permanently.  
5/3/2000 3:43 PM
Mark Hammer
HEADLINE: Ampagers are human!!!
Like everyone else, I come here for the technical insights, and not to find out who or what is "best", or to find out about anyone's problems. But you know something? In front of every pedalboard or 4x12 stack is a real, live, human being. They flatulate, defecate, cogitate, fornicate, imbibe, ingest, inject, infect, sleep in, slip up, throw up, cheat, lie, take for granted, and just plain forget how to be perfect.  
And that's kinda comforting to know, and be reminded of once in a while.  
As much as part of me, and I suspect everyone else on this thread is mumbling, "Come on. Cut to the chase and cut out the Ricki Lake crap.", I would never want to see the occasional digressions into personal issues completely disappear from here.  
Case in point: We have had some wonderful threads emerging here about career decisions, particularly those stemming around starting up a business, or whether or not to become a professional gearhead/fixit. These were pleasingly human and humane discussions, and I'm sure they helped some people make some important decisions in their lives.  
I've been involved in the scientific research game long enough to know that very often stuff you didn't think was gonna pay off...DOES. And stuff you thought was an absolute shoe-in for productive work, turns out to be a dead end. These days, I assume now that with everything in life there will be plenty of stuff you thought was a waste of your time that will end up not being so. A buddy of mine is fond of reminding me about how an article I showed him in 1974, (modifying your calculator into a digital stopwatch) ended up changing his career path and life. So, I say let Ampagers digress now and then.  
I'm not thrilled with some of the vitriol that been part of this particular thread, but I can see that substance abuse issues are sometimes a big part of the community that uses musical equipment, and getting issues like recovery out in the open is a good thing. It could be done more politely, if you ask me, but it's still a good thing. In the same way that we conveniently look the other way and fail to recognize how university life starts a lot of people on the road to alchoholism, we conveniently look the other way and fail to acknowledge how much popular music, as an economic sector and part of the labour market, aids and abets substance abuse of many kinds. I'm not talking about songs about drugs, or "big star" drug abuse, or crap like that. I'm talking about the invisible things like work schedules that demand working in drug-supportive venues, or schedules that tolerate hangovers, or audiences that tolerate or even extol sloppy or reckless performances (just exactly why SHOULD buying someone a drink be construed as a compliment, as opposed to buying them milk or some nachos?). If you put in that kind of a day's work in many other lines of employment, you'd be out on your ass in a minute, but popular music can often let you get away with it, or even encourage you to do it.  
OF COURSE, people are responsible for their own actions, and OF COURSE, there are few excuses for the hell that substance abusers put loved ones through, and OF COURSE no one put a gun to their children's head and said "Be a stoned rock musician or else the kid gets it.". But so what? Name me one person who embarks on a life course that turns out exactly the way they thought it would, and conformed in every detail to every hope and good intention they possessed.  
Go on. I'm waiting..........time's up.  
EVERYBODY hopes for the best. EVERYBODY says "Okay, just this once" or "Just once more and that's it" or "I'll start tomorrow", and everybody needs assistance to NOT do it "just once more" or "just this once", because life just isn't that convenient.  
Everybody who is involved in popular music, or what Miles Davis used to call "social music" (jazz, pop, the works), needs to think long and hard about all the little ways in which they inadvertently make the slope that much more slippery for guys like Dick. It doesn't have to be handing someone a needle. It can be something as simple as laughing at jokes about stoned drummers. Consider it our collective project. I'd like to think we're mature enough to take it on, and I'm betting that we are.  
Let's move on.
5/3/2000 5:08 PM
Eric H

Well put, Mark. Particularly this:  
"I would never want to see the occasional digressions into personal issues completely disappear from here."
All questions of censorship aside (which I am totally against : where DO you draw the line?).  
I like being able to put a face with the names (and I'm intelligent enough to understand that what is posted here only reveals a piece of the person).  
This forum does a superb job of policing itself, with the occasional whistle-blow from T-boy.  
The flames always fizzle, sooner or later, and the tech posts carry on --sometimes the same people sniping each other on the open forum, combine to help someone on the amps forum :>)  
5/4/2000 2:52 AM
Jimmy Page Jimmy advises Chelation Therapy
Don't worry about it my friend, your probably a victim of heavy metal poisoning. From the sounds of it, your a pretty fucked up dude. My take on it is that you've been breathing too many lead solder fumes. Now your brain is unbelievably fucked up.  
As painful as your condition is, there is hope. Find a doctor who specializes in Chelation Therapy and start a Chelation program immediately. Years of breathing Lead Solder fumes is real bad for you. Chelation is the only way to get the lead out. You are a voice in the wilderness crying for help. Chelation is the answer. Chelation will save you.  
Your pal,  

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