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Re: A Message To Dick Goesinya & To The True Dicks

4/28/2000 5:13 PM
Jethro Tull Bodine
Re: A Message To Dick Goesinya & To The True Dicks
Jeff...You saved your longest for me.. I find your analogy poor..which in fact proves my point..Humans need food..not drugs..Arrogant?  
sympathy? no..I invite you to email me..I am more than willing to continue dialog about this subject.  
I am a real person..a dick to you perhaps..and maybe I can change that perception..maybe not..  
Don't leap to the conclusion that I am a coward..  
I don't see the need to carry on and consume space fact any of you feel free to email me.  
DOGPILE!! I am fascinated by the polarization about this subject..  
Looking forward to hearing from y'all!  
And now, a word from our sponsors:

4/28/2000 8:46 PM

Jesus was a nice guy, the only people he talked bad about were "religious" people who had all the words but no compassion. We've seen a bunch of that here, eh? Yes, Dick was a "dick" for awhile. He apologized and had the balls to tell his reason. If we're gonna be down on people who have problems, we're gonna be down on all of us, 'cause we've all got problems. If everyone who ever took heroin is a "loser", than I guess that includes Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter (who I would guess is a better guitarists and business musician than *everyone* who posts here put together), etc. I mean, will we decide that Billy Holiday's music is shit because she took smack? Do we deride Louis Armstrong because he smoked pot? Do we decide Debussy isn't worth listening to because "he was a NUT"? Maybe it's easy to be an asshole when you are feeling really bad...Ask my wife and kids, I spent 6 years deathly ill (literally- the docs expected me to go at any time). That's a long time to be in great physical pain every day and night, and it certainly didn't make me easy to live with. And maybe it's easy to be judgemental when you either A) haven't experienced anything very bad yourself or B) just really *are* an asshole. Let's get this straight, I do NOT think anybody is a victim if they victimized themselves. I also think that people who have insurmountable problems are usually people who CHOOSE not to surmount their problems. But I don't recall Dick saying he was a victim, and the fact he's in rehab means he's obviously willing to take his life in hand and give it a try. More than I can say for some of the posters in this thread, who are just as obviously not interested in rehabilitating themselves into functional human beings.  
One of the problems (among thousands it seems) of being a musician is that people like to get fucked up around music, because they are enjoying themselves, right? So they get blasted, they give dope to the musicians, the musicians are encouraged to drink at bars, etc. I know one banjo player who can fall out of a chair with a banjo or guitar and never hurt the instrument. He's obviously got a LOT of experience falling out of chairs. but he got it from being a great musician and spending the last 40 years with all the greats from bluegrass, country, jazz and rock. You spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for your band to go on, or for your part of the recording session to start. What do you do? You can read, you can drink, you can get blasted on whatever... You don't HAVE to take drugs, but the whole music business is pretty much based on a culture of getting blasted and jumping around. It takes a lot of effort to avoid this type of problem. And it takes a lot of effort to admit you're human, and fallible. It takes no effort at all to unload on someone you know nothing about, especially if they're probably more of a man than you are. I mean really, what takes more of a man, someone willing to try to get hold of their personal issues, or someone smugly thinking he's better than that guy because he doesn't have the SAME problem? If you're not a junky. that's great! But I promise you, you have some kind of personal issue that you need to deal with. If you think you don't, well that right there is a *serious* problem!  
4/30/2000 1:40 AM
I'm afraid that I will NEVER feel sorry for a "man" who inflicts problems upon themselves. If Dick was some unlucky SOB who contracted some horrible disease, yes, I'd be compassionate. Substance abuse is NOT a disease, no one put a gun to Dick's head (no puns intended) and made him shoot smack. I'm sorry if my feelings on this subject offend anyone, but I want to express my opinion.
4/30/2000 8:12 AM
Steve A.

    I never used heroin but I did all of the other drugs when I was younger. Drug addiction may be self-inflicted but that doesn't mean that isn't a horrible disease... I feel sorry for anybody who is hooked on shit like I used to be.  
    But I do agree with one point suggested by your post: the idea of an addict asking you to feel sorry for him because he is an addict... I don't like all of those cop-out excuses that have become so popular these days (i.e., blaming your unhappy childhood or your parents for all of your own shortcomings). It's like the kid who murdered both of his parents and then asked the judge to feel sorry for him because he was an orphan... < grin >  
Steve Ahola
4/30/2000 4:41 PM
Just A Bystander
I should probably have my head examined for adding to this mess, but here goes anyway:  
As someone who has been there, I believe that someone who is truly in recovery would not say: "I'm sorry, the heroin (or recovery, or whatever) made me do it". Instead, they would simply say "I'm sorry". No excuses, no bs.  
Furthermore, If someone's a jerk while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may well continue to be a jerk even after cleaning up. Getting clean and becoming a "good" person are two entirely dfferent things.  
Finally, I give ol' Dick a 99.5 on the troll-O-meter. Hook, line, and sinker, anyone?  
4/30/2000 8:43 PM
Stephen Conner

Hey Bystander,  
Check out tboy's post to the thread above this one (A note on who's really who) and pump that sucker up to 99.9  
Steve C.
4/30/2000 9:12 PM

Wow. I can't believe the one who everyone attacked as the bad guy is now the good guy and everyone is defending him. And then, and then the-- uh..the guys who don't think the bad guy can really change and be a good guy, they, um, they're the bad guys now. And I really liked that part where the one guy calls him a dick and then he calls him a cunt! Huh-huh, that was cool. That was my favorite part. This board does get a bit boring, and whereas anyone has the right to get into an in-depth analysis of some heavy metal guy's tone, I normally find it to be just that much more effort that I have to expend to scroll down past those postings. And then, every once in a while, a melodrama begins to unfold. Brilliant!

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