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Smart parts purchasing problems.

4/17/2000 8:24 AM
Mark Abbott
Smart parts purchasing problems.
If ever I should have a problem I try to tell others so that they don't have to go through the same difficulty that I have had to.  
I purchased some parts from Smart Parts some time ago, and while I was happy with most of what was delivered, they sent me the wrong screws for the cab of my Blonde 2X12" Bassman cab. I had a feeling this would happen, so I posted the order with a diagram to assist them in sending the correct part, but sadly they still sent the wrong part.  
I told them of the problem and they said they would send the correct part, unfortunately I received lip service at best.  
This is not an attempt to smear some company doing a great job, but a simple message, buyer beware!  
Yours Sincerely  
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4/17/2000 4:45 PM

Smartparts has given me a headache or two as well. I don't know how isolated our troubled situations are though. I've been biting my tongue on this one for a long time. Here's an exerpt from the letter i've sent them...more than once. : (  
"Well here we go...This sure is trying my patience. This is in reference to inv # 31875 (9-22-99) which says it is for freight from  
inv # 27470.  
1st shipment ... $8.35  
2nd shipment ... $6.10  
- For starters, I have only received one shipment from inv # 27470, which I already have been billed (and paid) for on inv # 27761 (1-21-99) which says this invoice is for freight charges for parts ordered on inv # 27470.  
UPS ground....$6.36  
- I still have not received the rest of my parts from inv #27470 (11-27-98). It's been over a year now.  
- Also, as stated on inv # 28759 (3-24-99), I still have unapplied credit on acct.  
ref # 27470 in the amount of $37.66.  
- So I would like the erroneous shipping charges from inv # 31875 (9-22-99) totalling $14.45 to be credited to my account, giving me a total of $52.11 credit available.  
- And I would also like to know the status of the rest of my parts from inv #27470 (11-27-98)  
Thank you,  
Carlo Letizia"
Most times they don't reply, but when they do, this is what they tell me:  
""Tom handles that stuff and he has been sick."  
"Our computers went down, so we have to dig through a stack of invoices."  
"We'll straighten it out and get back to you within a week""
To his credit, Tom did call me a few weeks back to apologize and say that he thinks he has it all straightened out. But still I have not received the $ they owe me or the rest of the parts that i've already paid for.  
I've been trying to clear this up for over a year. I will not do any business with these guys until this is fixed. Too bad cos this *used* to be a nice resource for me.  
4/17/2000 5:39 PM
Gil Ayan
Me Too: Smart parts purchasing problems.
OK, I do have a sharp tongue, and I did have a couple of "misunderstandings" with Smart Parts as well.  
My storty goes like this: I needed to buy some Fender amp parts (and I swear I forget what they were), and I talked to Tom (I guess that it the guy's name) and he said "Sure, $ whatever." I placed the order, paid with a creedit card and waited and waited; I did call back like 3 weeks later asking what was wrong with my order, and he replied that we was back-ordered on those parts. I mentioned that it would have been nice if he had told me THAT when I called to place the order. I poked around a little more, and came to find out this man had NEVER had those parts in stock... He just had a part number for them, but it was an item that had yet to see the shelves of his store.  
I decided getting my money back from him would be a long battle -- Tom is very polite over the phone, and there is nothing I dislike more that a vulture in disguise. So I settled for some other parts that I didn't need, but I did get those.  
On one other occasion, I needed some sheet metal screws for a Fender (the kind used everywhere on the chassis to hold the circuit cards, choke, etc.). I explained what I wanted and placed my order... A week later, I got some chassis strap screws in the mail... I called and explained what had happened, and this disrespectful man (yes, same guy), told me that *I* *had* placed an order for chassis strap screws. So by now we have a sleezy business man who belongs in the Guinnes Book or Records too, since he CAN CHANGE THE PAST.  
I told him I would put the screws in the mail to him and expected that he sent the sheet metal screws in exchange. So I did put the stupid screws in the mail, and then my wife lost the credit card I had used to place that order. So, I never got the sheet metal screws I wanted, but that fellow didn't get to charge my account either.  
That was the last time I dealt with them, and I am done for life.  
4/22/2000 12:20 AM
Tom Wendlandt Smart Parts

Dear Mr. Ayan:  
While I rememebr your name and that we had some difficualty with an order, I also do not remember what you ordered. I DO remember that you had a "sharp tounge" as you put it.  
Since you have chosen to call me a "vulture" and "sleezy" (sic), I feel the need to respond to your unkind words.  
1) We do not take orders for products we know we cannot produce and your allegation that we do is nonsense.  
2) I am polite on the phone because I care about my customers and I am polite... you try to paint me a s a slick talking crook and I take personal and public offense to the charge.  
3) Of the thousands and thousands of parts Fender carries, at any given time several hundred are backorded and unavailable to us until Fender gets them back into stock. We hate backorders as much as anyone else, but they happen. If the parts you orignally ordered were backordered, I apologize for your inconvenience. I always tell a customer if I know something is backordered, but until recently we could not check stock "real time" via our link with Fender.... there are also times when we show items in stock, we order them , and when the box arrives.."surprise" they're actually backordered.  
4) If you paid for anything you did not receive, simply look up the date of the charge on your credit card statements and email me at with the EXACT date of your charge. I will look up the original paperwork and issue you a refund for whatever you did not receive.  
5) If your tounge was "sharp" to the point of vulgarity, I may not have dealt with you, as I will not tolerate being talked to that way. We bend over backwards to try and make our customers happy, athough it sounds as if we didn't succeed in your case.  
We are not perfect, but we are a small company with people who care about our customers. If you choose to believe something else, I have now done all I can to change your mind.  
Tom Wendlandt  
Smart Parts
4/22/2000 7:12 AM
Gil Ayan

"Since you have chosen to call me a "vulture" and "sleezy" (sic), I feel the need to respond to your unkind words""
Fair enough, and a poor choice of languange on my part, for which I apologize.  
" We do not take orders for products we know we cannot produce and your allegation that we do is nonsense."
I don't want to get into a bickering contest over this -- certainly not in this forum, which deserves much better than that. If you are essentially suggesting what I speak is "nonsense," I can't help it. I believe you made an honest mistake, but what can I say? My interpretation of the events is that an order was taken for parts that only existed in the way of numbers.  
When originally I pointed that out to you, I perceived your attitude as being rather defensive and somewhat unfriendly... A year later, I see that you seem to be legitimately concerned about what happened. However, you appear to continue to leave no room for the possibility that it may have been a mistake on your part.  
You see, that may have been part of the reason the incident occurred in the first place. And so it might happen all over again if we decided to continue to butt heads and let it get that far. Fortuntately, that is not to be this time around for at least two reasons:  
1. Out of repect for this forum.  
2. Because life is too short to spend on unpleasent arguments that would probably lead nowhere, but that can be avoided. In our case, I can live with the fact that we see things differently, so I will leave this thread be.  
I appreciate your offer to refund any money, but as I explained in my previous post, there ended up not being any exchange of money in the last order. I think it's great that you came back here and tried to clear up some misunderstandings you had with others, and wish you all the best with your business and future endeavors.  
4/21/2000 11:43 PM
Tom Wendlandt Smart Parts
Re: Smart parts purchasing problems.
Dear Carlo:  
While I am the first to defend myself when we are unjustly cirticized (which happens far too often), I am also the first to apologize when we take too long to rectify a problem. Your situation should have been solved a long time ago, and I am guilty not following up to make sure a problem has been resolved. I will try and contact you by phone on Saturday 4/22 and see if we can get everything under control.  
In all fairness, the only information missing from your posting is that we are dealing with a huge parts order which has been mostly filled and was complicated by some lengthy backorders from Fender from which we had no control. While I personally can see how an order this complicated could have created some confusion with the people who process and ship the orders, I offer no excuse for not makiing sure your problem was resolved since our last phone conversation.  
I certainly hope that we can get once we get this rectified you will post a notice that we took care of your concerns. You have been a good customer and I regret that this order has been improperly handled and your concerns have not been addessed  
to date. We want to be a reliable source for all of our customers.  
Tom Wendlandt  
Smart Parts
4/22/2000 4:02 AM

Thanks for the reply Tom. I agree with everything you've said regarding my situation. We're only human and we all make mistakes. I'm glad to see you want to rectify the situation and look forward to talking to you. This has been weighing on my mind for some time now.  
In all fairness, we have had many smooth transactions before the confusion. Yes, I'd be happy to post a note when this gets cleared up.  

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