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Re: sound Files/Let yout amps be heard

4/15/2000 4:26 PM
Re: sound Files/Let yout amps be heard
Hey all;  
I think this is a fantastic idea! I'm all for it as well. I'm not so good at setting up websites either.  
4/16/2000 12:39 AM
Steve A.
Okay, here are some sound samples... anybody else?
    Your offer of supplying the disk space for sound samples is generous because many of the free servers prohibit MP3 files (since 99.9% of them are bootlegs of commercial songs). Some of the free servers also prohibit *any* file larger that 1M figuring that it might be something illegal... "guilty until proven innocent" < grin >  
    Links to sound samples have been posted here from time to time. Well, here are some samples for my Hot Rod Tweed and D'Clone amps:  
    With most browsers and servers you do need to right-click on the links and then save them to disk. (Try that if a left-click just produces a screenful of hieroglyphics...)  
Steve Ahola
4/16/2000 1:52 AM

Hi heres the deal I have 2 gigs so far on a  
768kbps to 1mbps line as far as the format we might have to use wav files because you lose something in the mp3 translation,More details later i have to teach a guitar lesson and play at a party tonight:) out
4/16/2000 6:09 AM
John Fisher

If the MPEG files are sort, even just 15 sec. or so they can be very small. Not much bigger that a JPEG file. If you have a half decent sound card and a good mic, the quality is very good, definately good enough to to hear what something is like. I use MPEG files all the time, even in my studio work. For example:(don't be shocked) Sometimes when I'm in a pinch for a little part for a music track I'm doing,I have other musician friends in other parts of the world send me a good quality MPEG file of a part that I just paste in the song. Presto! It really does sound that good.  
I really like this idea and I'll send you an MPEG or 2 of my home made amp if you like.  
John Fisher
4/16/2000 7:10 AM

The only thing I have available right now is 2 clips that I winzipped to get them under the size needed to be on my free server. It is of a champ-tyep amp that I restored
4/17/2000 4:23 AM
Re: Okay, here are some more sound Ideas
Hi,I was thinking that It would be nice to set it up like a library of amp tone.It could be listed by amp brand and a Homebrew/mod section Click on the amp you want to hear and then the description of the circuit,tubes and amp settings.I think it would be great to have an effects with amp section as well.I`m going to record my BFSR and the same amp with tube screamer,and Champ2,and champ with tubes screamer and actually test The sound differences.  
I appreciate the links to your amps guys and I did listen.Sounds good!however Its a little early for that yet.We still have to design the format and I really want to hear from tboy about this matter,the website is at its just the main page there now.The ampage Is a cool spot and I like the co-op Ideas I was hoping this Idea could turn into something like that!Tone for the common good!  
keep the Ideas flowing of what you would like to see at the Tone out
4/17/2000 12:40 PM

I would think 30-45 sec. sound bytes, some chords, some leads. Listing what you are playing through and in what amp, speaker, guitar, at what setting, etc., would be a good thing. To really hear the amp, maybe no effects, and then make another with effects if desired. It doesn't have to be TOO long-winded....if anyone really needs to know more, they can ask here, or e-mail. 30-45 seconds would keep download time reasonable, and save space. Personally, if I see a 15 min. download time for a guitar noodle, I'm gonna cancel. Just some thoughts. But I really am interested in what some of you guys are building. Could make for some interesting debates about tone, but since everyone should realize that everyone has different opinions about what they think tone should be, let's hope that the discussions are kept reasonably civil. After all, the tone you or I like the most may not fit into a particular song or mood. John Doe's may be the one.  
Maybe to make your point, there could be some clips in the future of that setup within the context of a full arrangement, even if it's just to a MIDI track with bass, drums, etc. What sounds killer by itself in your living room may turn to mud when trying to fit it into a song. And we might even learn something.  
OK, I'll stop's kickin' into overdrive.  

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