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Re: Okay, here are some more sound Ideas

4/26/2000 9:47 PM
Joe L
Re: Okay, here are some more sound Ideas
It's preamp only Steve. But I bet I could squeeze a couple of EL84s in there if I tried. There is tons of room left.  
..Joe L
4/26/2000 11:14 PM
C. Gigun

Where's the chasis from? Anyone else have sources for rack mount enclosures?  
4/27/2000 2:22 AM
Joe L

Sorry, it was a closeout over at MCM Electronics' web site. They sold me the last one for $25! That was around Christmas so maybe they stock them again.  
..Joe L
4/21/2000 11:37 PM
Joe L

"I wouldnt mind hearing the difference between my clone and a real SLO. This gives me a chance to see if I need to refine my clone amp any futher. "
Wouldn't that be great Mitch! I think our amps probably fair pretty well against the real thing because of all the refinement of ideas we were able to come up with by comparing notes. But I bet not one of them sounds exactly like a real SLO. There is just too many variables. Oh, by the way did I mention my X88R kicks ass!  
..Joe L
4/22/2000 12:00 AM

Joe I was Impressed sounds great!we will add it to the amp tone Libary...Thing is I might be bringing a porta studio to guitar and amp shops heheh asking the owner can I record your amp heheheh.Life can get out

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