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sound Files/Let yout amps be heard

4/14/2000 10:01 PM
sound Files/Let yout amps be heard
Hi I posted something like this on a different board and It had no interest even when I said I would try to help with this project.The simple thing I would like is to actually hear peoples homebrew amps and mod`s and have a sound file section on a server and people could send in (short)clips of their amp and there could be a description of what circuit,tubes,ect..whatever.  
Granted the sound files would not be (live)sounding I believe this is a step in the right direction and would eliminate the tone buzz word bingo....I know my self sometimes I`m looking for a certin tone that I cannot get and sometimes no amount of mods and tube selection is going to do it.  
If you want a formal Introduction on who I am please e-mail me,thank you.I might have a server with some space on a 768kbps or my 256kbps line.  
I think its time we start hearing what we are writing out
4/14/2000 10:26 PM

ack maybe if I could spell:)
4/15/2000 5:51 AM
John Fisher

I mentioned this idea a while back and I think it would be great! I'm just not much for setting up web stuff.  
John Fisher
4/15/2000 3:33 PM
Re: Sound Files
Hi!Ok I made this post not to detract from the ampage but to add to it and I`m willing to work on the Idea I see pictures of great looking amps people have built but no sound? It just bothers me....I`m going to try to set up a sample page I was hoping people would have more interest but whatever.Maybe when its up and running Tboy could link to it or something? Or maybe Tboy is working on something like this already?.....Tboy are you?.Let me know.John do you have files of your amps that you want to upload?.....If you want you could cut some short tracks of riffs or whatever... out
4/15/2000 3:50 PM

You might even want to make them MP3's to save download time. Anyone wanting to upload their file should get a good MP3 compressor, or at least whoever is overseeing this may want to have one to convert people's WAV's. A 30 sec. MP3 should take little time to download. They'll also save room on the server.
4/15/2000 4:44 PM

Sounds like a cool idea to me. I think they should be recorded without any additional effects. Guitar plugged straight into an amp, so that the true amp sound can be heard. One other thing, most sound clips I've heard posted are usually of some guy playing lead. How about some rhythm guitar, clean and dirty.  
4/15/2000 10:40 PM
Stephen Conner

Hi guys,  
I've got an MP3 which is an actual tune done with a home-made guitar amp. The guitar is through it obviously, and the drum track actually went through the amp too to give it some grunge.

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