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Labelling amps/guitars/effects

4/12/2000 3:11 PM
Labelling amps/guitars/effects
This would apply to all 3 sections, so I'll just post it here ;)  
Over the weekend, I found the easiest labelling product thus far. WalMart sells InkJet printable CLEAR address labels. After printed, and applied, the clear portoins are about as transparent as the Scotchagic tape, with that slightly milky appearance. BUT you print outyour label, and tri it closely, it really woudnt be that noticeable. THe pack of labels which can do a LOT of efects and amps runs about $7 + a couple bucks for a can of photo fixaive which will help 'seal' the print to the label. There are also laser printer versions of this available. Put that on a painted chasis/box, and for addedtouch, add a nice coat of clearcoat on top, and they will be permanant, and look pretty damn good. The mfr. of the labels is Avery if you want more info.
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4/12/2000 4:19 PM
Cool Reb! Office drones like me have been on to that one from "Go!" Can you SAY "INVENTORY lEAKAGE?"  
BTW - A FRIEND gave me a Dunlop Univibe to fix and JD used this technique also, more or less.  
- A
4/12/2000 4:52 PM

another usefor these, print up your name, address/phone # on thee, and stick them on the inside of the chassis or on the back of amps that you fix for people, that way they dont forget you when they need the next cap job or retube etc.
4/12/2000 4:59 PM

Rebel: What color background have you tried the labels? I would think they'd work better on the "steel" background than a black background.  
4/12/2000 5:05 PM

I didnt want to waste, so I handwrote on a half label that is onthe sheets and stuck it to an old aluminum PC chassis, and dead on, you can't see them, but from an angle you definitely see them. BUT I think if you trim them up enough, and put them on a flat white finish, then clear coat it, they would be virtually unnoticeable. as for on black, if it was a flat black, remember yo'd be screwed, because most inkjets can't print 'white' ink, they assume you have white paper ;)
4/12/2000 6:41 PM

I wanted to give the clear inkjet labels a try for my latest project, but at the last minute, i chickened out. I ended up using rub-on letters. But after reading this thread, I think I'll give the inkjet labels a chance.  

BTW, I recently found some nice gold colored rub-ons that show up quite nicely on a black backround. I got them at one of those big computer stores...Staples or Office Depot.

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