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Re: Cloning sounds, Cloning SHEEP!!!

4/10/2000 10:27 PM
Re: Cloning sounds, Cloning SHEEP!!!
"Somebody (ie: Trace) questioned my intentions of my remarks about EVH's sound, and why people give a stuff about his sound."
It's not so much that I was "questioning" your intentions. I could sort of see your point but it seemed to come across as a bit angry/bitter. I am by no means the offical Ampage censor-guy but when you post with swear words and with the "tone" that you did it deters newbies from asking questions about things they really care about and I think that's wrong. We should encourage people to learn by any means necessary.  
Regardless of what you or I may believe no one should ever deter anyone from going after what the tones they love. I would encourage anyone to build a Marshall, Boogie, Vox, Crate or what ever because at least they are learning and that's very, very important.  
You need to remember that there is not a school that teaches you how to make a guitar amp that you will love. Sure there's books out there but even if you add all those up there is not a definitive course on how to build an amp that will give you the tone you love.  
Many of the greatest amps were made by techs who copied other designs at first (IE: Marshall, Fender, Boogie, etc, etc.) My point being many most techs eventually voice amps to what they want to hear AFTER they understand how to do that.  
Most players try to copy their favorite guitarist's licks and tone redardless if they are learning on their own or if they are schooled. Eventually once a player rubs up against those licks (or tones) they start to move forward and use what they like and discard what they do not like. It's a natural course of action really.  
"I said his sound was dated, and I believe that I was justified in saying so. Mind you, I loved his sound in 1983, I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever heard."
I'm not saying you're wrong in your way of thinking but it's your way of thinking and hence it's an opinion. There are people who stop in here that LOVE those tones to this day. I don't think anyone is justified in saying someone is wrong for liking any given tone. After all it's all personal taste which is the same thing as an opinion.  
"But, I have grown, and the music has grown as well. We have been treated to a rich history of guitar sounds since Eddie first hit the scene. It's fair enough if you are playing in a Van Halen covers' band if you want to emulate his sound, but if you want to do something bold and fresh, why worry about what your pre-descessors have used to achieve that "tone"."
First of all you stated "You have grown" which means you have already exprienced certain things and many people who ask questions here have not walked in your shoes so to tell them that cetain tones are "dated" is wrong. In your "opinion" they are dated but to someone who is hearing it for the first time it might be inspirational and we should not snuff out the insirational flame because of what we believe.  
Many people do not want to do something bold and fresh and there's no right or wrong in that at all. It's cool that you have an opinion but that doesn't mean everyone should think as you think.  
"Mind you, it's good to know where we have been in order to get where we want to be."
Perhapes many people have not been where you have been yet? We all have different paths that we walk. There's a mess of people who have just started playing guitar and have yet to experience all the things you have which is why I say live and let live.  
"But, it's more important to experiment with un-conventional gear, and uses of un-conventional gear to achieve something great."
What gear are you refering to?  
"Go out and bring guitar bands back to the fore, and not to the past."
Have you seen the charts lately? There are several guitar bands in the top 50 which is more than there were just a couple years ago. I'm not saying I'm a fan of those bands but then again when I was growing up my father wasn't a fan of my music. At least guitar bands are on the charts and I'm thankful for that.  

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