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Re: 6L6 for 6V6 substitution general practice

4/4/2000 4:19 PM
Matthew Springer
Re: 6L6 for 6V6 substitution general practice
> no increased power unless you also raise B+  
Quite right. The only things I'm worried about are the heater current winding on the PT, but as the amp only has three tubes in it (pre, rec, pwr) it should be fine. And, this is also single ended completely non-adjustable, not PP, so I am also a little worried about not biasing the tube into immanent death.  
Actually I did last night at about midnight, so I couldn't crank it too loud as my roommates were sleeping (fools, they should be playing guitar). Sounded about the same only a little louder. My guess is the dominant sound at this point is my lousy playing, If only the "If I had EJ's gear, I'd be EJ" myth were true...

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