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can you use a 5881 in tweed champ in place of 6V6?

4/2/2000 7:25 PM
Bill Johnson
can you use a 5881 in tweed champ in place of 6V6?
A friend of mine is doing this with out any mod. Says it gives more headroom-volume?  
Is this safe as i love my TC and would not want any damage?
4/3/2000 12:48 PM

Yes, it should be fine in most cases. Just check the OT after about 1/2 hour to make sure it's not at "fry an egg" temperatures.  
If your friend really wants to beef up the output, check out the great Champ OT's at  
(about $42, used to be $25, damn!) These will run all century with a 5881/6L6GC at the limits...  
... enjoy  
... Whit
4/3/2000 12:51 PM

Oh, you mean TWEED Champ (reading with eyes open now) :-)  
Still probably fine with a 5881, but don't swap the OT out in such a fine piece of history....  
... build a Champ instead as an alternative if you want to check out the OT I mentioned...  
... Whit
4/3/2000 1:31 PM
Mark Hammer

Did it with a Tweed Princeton (same basic design). Works fine for years now. Increases output a bit, as well as high end. Combine with SS rectifier for even more headroom and output. You will lose the soft compression, though.
4/3/2000 3:08 PM

I guess the only thing I can really add is that the 6L6 will not sound as "musical" when you are driving the amp on 10 where as a 6V6 breaks up very nicely. Of course some people like the 6L6's better so it all depends on the tone you are looking for.  
4/3/2000 3:54 PM
Matthew Springer
6L6 for 6V6 substitution general practice
In general, is this an acceptable substitution? I have read (Kevin O'Conner's excllent book) that this is bad since the heater currents are mismatched and the 6L6 tubes will draw signifigantly more heater current than the 6V6. I am very crious about this as I have an old single ended Magnatone with a 6v6 I've been itching to put a 6L6 in and see what happens. I even got round to finding some tubes, then decided I didn;t really want to blow up my very old PT in a piece of history.  
4/4/2000 2:33 AM

matt dont worry about blowing your pr, you wont. and as for mismatched heater currents, you should still be fine as it is se and you are only chanig one tube, the design of most amps calls for power transformers that are a bit overrated so that they remain cooler/reliable so the slight bump in heater current in your case should be no big deal  
as for your ot, you have nothing to worry about unless you mod the power supply to increase voltage because you will gain no "real" power with the tube swap just headroom and a loss of the nice compression. just try it out and see if you like it  
have fun

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