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Re: Looking for Schematic for Wizard Metal 100

3/28/2000 12:51 AM
Re: Looking for Schematic for Wizard Metal 100
From reading magazines and books, Wizard amps were made with more attention to layout (circuit card & circuit stake methods according to TUT), higher quality parts, lower voltages for low noise operation, etc. Generally, an over-engineered Marshall for bulletproof operation.
3/28/2000 5:11 AM

from the Harmony Central reviews for the Metal 100 and Modern Classic, these seem like channel switching amps(the Modern Classic has rhythm vol, lead vol, lead master, treb, bass, mid presence, while the Metal 100 has 2 independent channels IIRC, can't remember about the Metal 100), but they don't sound like Plexi clones to me from reading the reviews. Actually, the Modern Classic has a pull switch for the lead channel to become active. maybe it could be some 2203/1959 hybrid type amp like Ken Lewellen's Copperhead amp. I wish a Wizard owner could do some chassis scans.  
3/28/2000 1:49 PM
Rob Whitaker

It would be great if somebody would do some scans, that would help solve a lot of things for me. Someone around has got to have a Wizard. So please if someone has one, let's see some schematics or layout info.
3/28/2000 6:21 PM

"I noticed you mentioned that "he" was making plexi replicas. "
I forget the gentleman's name now. Someone here posted it not too long ago. He was in Cananda as I rememeber and he was making plexi clones for quite a while. I wasn't aware he made a JCM800'ish amp but Carl said he's seem those which isn't too surprising really. Lot's of companies make serveral different amps so it would stand to reason.  
I played on a Wizard about 6 years ago and it was a plexi with the aluminum chassis and it sounded great to me.  
3/31/2000 2:52 AM
Randy Jamz

Rick St.Pierre made Wizard amplifiers up in Vancouver, Canada. If I get a chance to bribe the only Wizard owner I know to let me take a look-see inside, I'll let everyone know.
3/31/2000 3:08 AM
Rob Whitaker

Randy that would be great. Any information you could get would be greatly appreciated. By the way, have you heard that amp played? If you have, what was your impression? Thanks
3/31/2000 4:30 AM

I have Guitar Player magazine Feb 1997 which has a boutique amp shootout which includes the Wizard Classic 50 $1795 "a Canadian - made, old - Marshall style 50 watter, packs point to point wiring, plexi front and rear panels, and dual volumes (rhythm and high treble, middle, bass and presence controls.  
The cabinet features built - in handholds for easy carry, and the rear panel sports dual speaker jacks and an impedance selector.  
Mr Wizard's heavy steel chassis houses a beatifully wired circuit on a narrow turret board. Components include carbon film resistors, Sprague orange - drop coupling caps, imported electrolytics, CTS pots, Switchcraft jacks, and a honkin' ceramic impedance selector that could probably handle the power needs of a small village.  
The power - supply components are housed on a separate vector board, and phenolic sockets grip two Groove Tubes GT- EL34LSs and three GT- ECC83s.  
The Wizard is a loud, bright amp that delivers refined British tones with great clarity and detail.  
Though this amp packs a tough, hard- rock edge, it also offers surprisingly good clean tones- icing on the cake, we thought. While some of our testers felt the Wizard wasn't as aggressive as it should be, most of us dug its rich, balanced clean and crunch voices. Nobody could argue that the Wizard isanything less than a nicely executed plexi Marshall, and if you thrill to that brand of toothy, dynamic brillance, the Vintage Classic is the next best thing to time-warping back to mod-era London. Wizard's Rick St.Pierre says that players looking for more aggression and crunch should audition their Modern Classic series"  
I also have Guitar Player Dec 1995 Angus Young interview with Rick St. Pierre commenting on AC/DC's Marshall's and what he has done to them  

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