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Buffer/vibrato/OD question

3/21/2000 5:28 PM
Buffer/vibrato/OD question
Hi, folks.  
I'm in the process of putting together a hotbox/vibrobox clone using the schematics on the "blue" pages. I have my circuits wired, mounted, and my PS almost finished.  
A thought occurred to me: on the input stage of the vibrobox, only 1/2 of the first triode is being used. My question is this: one of Trace's mods to a Marshall is to change the gain stages to dual-input/output on the same tube like some of the old Gibson Amps; Could the other half of the first tube be used in this fashion?  
Any comments/suggestions would be most welcome.  
3/22/2000 9:19 PM
Just putting this back up on top.
I guess what I meant was that the 2 halves of the input tube would be running in parallel.  
Any thoughts?

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