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best amp simulator ?

3/21/2000 3:41 PM
Xavier Martinez
best amp simulator ?
Ive been trying to record my guitar direct to  
computer, but though Ive tried different pedals  
(zoom 503 amp simulator, ada mp-1,line 6),distortions always sound harsh and fuzzy, and without that marshall low end "thump".Do you guys know the best way to achieve it?
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3/21/2000 4:16 PM
Bryan James

i know this probly not what you want but i usually mix my zoom 503 with a mic on my cab to get a good record sound.  
here's the setup i had about 2 months ago  
now that is a patch i set in it cuase i didn't like any defaults it had  
here's a page i did with just the defaults no amp just guitar straight in  

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