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Vox and/or Celestion Blues

3/10/2000 4:56 PM
Vox and/or Celestion Blues
Are the Vox/Celestion Blues the same as the Celestion Blues?  
Does Celestion make a different/specialized version for Vox? Or,  
are they both the same model?  
Also, does anybody know where to get them?  
All I can find is Hoffman (in FL), but I feel  
his price is a bit steep.  
3/10/2000 5:32 PM
MJ Sullivan

Celestion made the original blue-frame Vox Bulldogs, which was basically their G-12 15-watt speaker. Vox ordered enough of them so they got OEM options, like the color.  
I agree that the $350/ea suggested retail price is 'way too high. If you do repairs on a part-time or full-time basis, I'd suggest setting up an account with someone like New Sensor. You'd at least be able to get dealer pricing.  
Email me off-BBS if ya wanna know what New Sensor asks as dealer price on the Celestion G-12s.....  
3/10/2000 5:38 PM
Eric E

I heard they were the same.  
Hoffman wants 80% of the New Sensor price. $351*.8=~$280. has them for $260. That's about the best I've seen, and I've been looking. To me they sound magical, but tooooo expensive.  
3/10/2000 5:52 PM
Eric E
More data and some confusion
Hoffman also sells the mojo line, which claims to peddle the Vox Bulldog for $300 list. At Hoffman's discount, that's down to $240, eh?  
Now, the confusion is that in the Vox RI, the Celestion Blue, which I am sure is what you want, is just a speaker with a blue frame. On the AC-15TB (non celestion), the speaker says Bulldog and has a picture of one on it - but that's an Eminence. I can't believe they would sell an Eminence for $300, but...  
Beware this Bulldog moniker.  
Have you considered the Weber clone? It's only $150, and I heard somewhere that they recently improved it to make it sound even closer. I haven't heard one, so I can't say.  
3/10/2000 6:00 PM

if you go to and go to  
"Vox" products, you'll get the "Vox/Celestion"  
G12 selling for $209.  
$209!!! This leads me to believe something is  
So, Hoffman @ $280, Swamp @ $260, Mojo @ $240,  
and Zzsounds Vox/Celestion @ $209.  
I'm very confused! I could see a slight  
variation on prices, but the above tells me  
there are different "models" and "makes".  
Will the real Celestion Alnico Blue please  
stand up?  
By the way, I have a P12B Weber. It's very good.  
But, I've heard too many testimonials saying  
the Blues way out performs the Weber. That  
is why I am looking.....  
So, you say that Weber has an "upgrade" to  
the Blue. Can you tell me more? When did  
this "upgrade" occur? My P12B is about 9 months  
old, so it might be the "upgrade" version?  
3/10/2000 9:44 PM
Eric E

Seems like quite a spread on the price. I'd be wary as well.  
I did some quick searches, and couldn't find where I read about the upgrade. I'm pretty sure the message was that Weber was upgrading, and you could get an upgraded version if you asked. It was for the purpose of getting closer to the Celestion Blue sound. I read it within the last two or three months for sure.  
I see you've posted to the Weber board. Maybe this will get to the root of it.  
Sorry I couldn't get you closer,  
3/10/2000 9:45 PM

Mook: I think Bruce is the one who suggested some changes to Weber, I could be wrong. I have definitely heard that Weber changed the recipe a little on the P12B's so you may want to e-mail them and see.  
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